Soaring over Time or Religion of the Golden Age

We are ahead of Time. For the Mother of the World Appeared in the dying dumbfounded from their ignorance, groaning under a bushel centuries karma, the human world — on ten years before the end of the era. In 1990. And She Crush all the old and the corruptible by New Song of Songs about Wonderful LOVE, Eternal, Freedom and the Kingdom of God Light.

On the whole epoch the New Community of enlightened consciousness of usmalians passes ahead the blocked mind earthlings. For the consciousness of the modern humanity is blocked by the satan’s mass of black deed of Dark force. They are very active and total ‘profi’ in the planetary piracy: fascinate human souls and plundered miraculous wealth of the planet, throw out whole earthly goods and chattels to nowhere. Hopeless and dead  n o w h e r e...

With the Thunder and Lightning, with the Heaven Rainbow, with the Son of Lumiere of Showery Spring Rain, with the Fiery Streams of Scorching Sun, the Mother of the World Melted dust of abomination of desolation! The Intergalactic Hostess the Universe Selected exactly this Planet, this Humanity, this Cross!

It's necessary to Clean Globally from dominance of Darkness! Kiev is My Sanctuary, for the Sword of God's Word is here. The people are in the chains of lies, encoded by crazy servants of the devil... But the Charitable Living Currents of the Holy Spirit of the Great Mother strike the Darkness, are Replenishing by Herself all that breathed. My Vibrations of the Highest World of Light-Eternity are of so Strong, that to perceive and enlighten, today, can only sighted person.

My Tribe is able to see! We are not understood by this ignorant world, for, We take the lead over Time on the whole epoch! The consciousness of My Priesthood is opened to planets, stars, Macrocosmos and Microcosmos. It is alive! These radiations are so strong and high that simply unreceptive by the blocked people. And It's so painful! But, the ten years already, the Mother of the Worlds Suffers in incredible torments and burdens in the Name of Enlightened Humanity, but people still so far from this Truth...

Listening the Divine Songs and the Word of the Mother of the World, people feel the unprecedented delight and energetic upgrade, gladness and the primary Purity of LOVE, but to realize and understand this, they are unable... As if the Divine Poetry sounds on the language of another planet... They see the Divine Spiritual Magazine «USMALOS» and can't tear off the glance, but burn themselves, do not contain …«Did Mother of the World can kiss?» — they ask…

Who, except the Living and Flaming Mother of the World can manifest VERITY and Nature of LOVE, Cleanness of Relationships between genders on the Earth? Who can teach to this Great Sacred Action, to Saturate with The Inexhaustible Energy ethers and all that is living, Transforming by the Holy Universal LOVE all the existing!.. Time has stopped before Us. All Eternity is in Us! The Community of the Universal LOVE — «the Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS» live and breathe over Time and space... The Epoch of Light, Beauty and Harmony lives in souls of the Holy Brothers and Sisters, the White Employees of the Mother of the World!

The Holy Spirit of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS spilled in Cosmos, over the planet Earth, in Kiev itself! Here the sanctuary is revived, where: Mistress, Mother of the World, Holy Wife, Sister, Daughter and Beloved — All in One — Divine LOVE. LOVE of God is the Spouse of Eternity, Brother, Son and Beloved! The Holy Community is the Family of Celestial and Terrestrial Priesthood, where Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, daughters and Sons, and all beloved. All Beloved by the Mother of the World and themselves, beloved and loving!

Where today so much LOVE and Joy? Where the Lord himself makes Sacrament of Marriage, or Initiation, simply communicates directly with all, or sitting around the campfire with believers? And the Mother of the World sings Her Poems, plays, teaches, and walks — as easy as everything around you? In what church today — a woman-priest leads Worship service comes in the Altar, she christens and sanctifies herself? Where today enter into Unions of Eternal LOVE between Priests and Priestesses, Brothers and Sisters? And in what terrestrial abode today, the Live Mother of the World and Her Living Word of God, is Created by Her Holy Spirit, Destroys dust and Shows Transformed Consciousness?

Only in the Great White Brotherhood of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — is the Universal Harmony of Perfect LOVE, Cleanness of brothers and sisters, and matrimonial relationships. Fidelity, Holiness, Constancy and the Flowing soft Light! It flows into souls and hearts from the Eternal Source of Delightfulness of The One Mother of Light! On the 11 april, Our Community celebrates Its main Holyday — Nine years Since the Second Coming of CHRISTOS and the Birth of a New Universal CULTURE of the future — CULTURE OF THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD, Based on the Last Testament of Eternal Life of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, which is the Fundamental Law of the future Spiritual State. This is — the Testament All-cosmic LOVE that Unites all Humanity in the Great Supramundane White Brotherhood, which the ancient prophets and Jesus Christ himself said. This is — the Law of Higher Order in the Universe, the Divine Justice and LOVE. The center of Which — are Two Supreme Divine Origin — the Eternally-Masculinity and Eternally-Femininity: the Cosmic Employees Husband and Wife. They Serve the One Mother of Light, Humanity, Universe. And the Mother of Light and Her Husband of Eternity Serve all being for the good!

The Supreme Mysteries, the Laws of Eternity, LOVE, Cosmic Knowledge and Universal Balance, Harmony and Unity of Two opposite Origins, the Opened Divine Consciousness are the Contents of the «USMALOS» Divine-Cosmic ProgRAm of Humanity's salvation. Today it is all given by the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and the Spouse of Eternity Ioann-Peter the Second. It is Here in the Centrum of the Universe: Kiev. For Glorious People (Slavs) from the edge of the Earth rising (Ukraine) first realized Phenomenon World Feminine, Mother of the World. In the Name of the Transfiguration of all things, She Fohatizate each atom breathing spaces, by Nectar of Her LOVE.

Nowadays, the Space breathes in the Holy Spirit of the Mother of Lights. The Vast Golden Equilateral Cross Lights the Heavens with the Sign of the New Time: It's the Epoch of Light, Beauty and Harmony of the Golden Age of the Holy Sophia — Zventa-Sventana!

And there is no such a power, which could break this Sacred Action, Our LOVE and Us! The Energy of the Mother of the World Immortalized the Holy Law for earthlings. It will be fulfilled by all the Universe! And whatever Darkness tried to do — WE will Overcome and Conquer! Everywhere and purposefully the Powers of Darkness prepare the label of «the Beast» — 666 for the coding of human's consciousness and transformation of them into bio-robots who fulfil the will of Antichrist. Just about to, the unity world government headed by Antichrist will open to the world. The Great White Brotherhood since the first days of their stay in the world, break the artful plan of dark forces, abhorring all White, Pure and Lightful. For this we will be persecuted by the Global Government. We already have passed through prisons, camps and torments, but all that only made us stronger and more sure in Our Indestructible Force, Revived by God’s LOVE! And soon, all the world will know the TRUTH! The Truth about the Mother of the World and Her Great White Brotherhood will open. The New United FAITH Coming, the planet Earth will be Transformed by Light of the Mother of the World. But before: the great trials will fall upon a Slavonic nations, but the ones who under the protection of the Holy Spirit will endure everything up to the end and they will be saved from the impending Satanism.

I shall remind prophesies of Nostradamus:

«... The Great empire of Anti-Christ will come. But the Grace of the Holy Spirit, having begun since 48* Degrees (c. Donezk — место РАждания Мессии), will be a cause of resettlement of the people and will expel the abominable Anti-Christ... And before that there will be a solar eclipse, the darkest of that happened from the date of creation of the world before the time of sufferings and the death of Jesus Christ and then up to now. A great movement will be in October . And it will be so severe, as if the Earth has got off the orbit and has plunged into the eternal Darkness. Before spring and after it there will be extreme changes, the transformations of empires and the strong earthquakes connected to unknown growth of the new Babylon. And the horror of the first immolation will result in increase of the number of the despicable daughters. All that will be prolonged more than 73 years and seven months also. And after that, from the human kind will be allocated That WOMAN, which remained fruitless during the so long period. She will come from 50** Degrees (c. Kiev — место Явления Матери Мира) and will update the christian church».

In the great fight with the Prince of Darkness the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS 'clothed in the Sun', who came from 48 degrees. The Universal Awakening of minds and souls will begin by the whole planet. All the living will rejoices, for Heavenly Glory of Sophia and the Greatest Kingdom of LOVE will come. AUM RA! URA!

Mother of the World
  1. * – 48 degrees — c. Donezk.
  2. ** – 50 degrees — c. Kiev.