New JeRUSalem
(Alchemical Formula of Ascension)

«ИеРУСалим — Мила Сурья Ей — Ур Салам — Золотой Мир, МАЛОРОСИЯ Киевская
— от др. арийского: «Русасалам» — мир Руси, — КиеРУСалам.
Киев — Новый ИеРУСалим — Град Явления Матери Мира»
(Гиперборейский Словарь Матери Мира).

Part I. The Holy City

«And I John saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down from God
out of Heaven, prepared as a bride, adorned for her husband»

(«Revelation», 21:2).

Osanna! Osanna to the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Christ's Angels take the Cover off the White Holy City — whose name is New Jerusalem.

Blinding Crown of pearls on the Head of the Holy City New Jerusalem. The Golden peal of Bells, interflowing into the Divine Lightful Melody of the Great Happiness! Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Aureola dazzles the Universe. The Streaming Gold around. The clouds, bordered with lace of silver-golden tints, near the bottom of the Holy City. Swirling of Angels anticipates the uncovering of God's Face. God Maria DEVI CHRISTOS stands before the people entering into New Jerusalem. Blessed everyone on Eternal Life, who goes through the Golden Gate! Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS extended His hands before the people entering, and pearl-like streams flew out of them.

Hallowed be Thy Name, oh, Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS forever and ever!

Oh, Transparent, Triumphant City with Twelve gates into the Holy of Saints! Stages of Comprehension of Thy Mercy, My Shining, are inaccessible for the dense essences. Only the light bodies of Thy Children are able to ascend by the steps of Thy Stair. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, My God! 144 thousand of God's Essence! Seven of the Brightest! Oh, My Shining! Thou art My forever! Nobody knows the Power of My LOVE to Thee, My Delight and Eternal Aspiration!

The Living Spring of Lightful Energy of LOVE! Oh, My Oasis! Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Thou, at last, has opened the Gate for the Selected. Theirs, 144 thousand in all! They are all under the wings of Thy released White Bird. Her Two Wings play Thy circulatory composition. It's the Alpha and the Omega. It's Eternal Inflorescence of Thy Creation. My Fairy Mother of the World!

I Love Thee! And lavish on the Light of Thy LOVE, transformed through My Suffering Heart. Take it all who thirst to go by the Light Stair of LOVE and All-cognition...

New Jerusalem - the Holy City of Eternal Happiness in Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, who illuminates his Walls and Dwelling-places by the Light of His Face. Oh, Light-bearing Image of Blessed Eyes, the Gold Lips, the Silver Hairs! Limpidity of Thy Clothes streams in the little-beams of Fohatic shroud. Thou Shines constantly the Standing and the Sitting Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Oh, the Greatest and the Most Wise! Oh, Loving and lavish on the Permanent LOVE and Kindness of All Himself! For Thou art the Complete Heart of LOVE and Blessed Peace! Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is Omnipotent! There is no God, except God! Thou art the Gold of the Living Light! Jesus, My Lamb, in transparent-white. Gentle, Humble, Good and Enigmatic, but being Thyself in Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Confident and Majestic. Terrible for sinful and unclean, condensed and demoniac! For He burns down with just one Glance. The supermagic power! Which Absorbs and Unchains by LOVE. The Loving (children) are nourished with His Majesty of Light, the half-loving (warm) are not allowed to be in the World of the All-Mighty Creator of Lights Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

God-Mother (Lambess!)is a direct Reflection of Jesus Christ, Gentle-humble in white, Blinding by golden streams of the Eyes and Heart! The pupils are bordered by greens, the Golden Flows from pupils to all Loving and to everyone individually, his doze of Love, pervious by theLight that is the Blood of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

Enter, the Loving! The pearl Gate is opened from four sides. Everyone has his own place in a line. By 36 thousand in each of four Gate. By the steps of twelve bases The Saints will pass by three columns from four sides, by twelve thousand in every one. The motion will be managed from the first Israelite tribe, one after another: the east gate, the northern, the southern and the western gate. The Last 36 thousand will enter in the Western gate. By 12 thousand at each four sides of the steps — three times. In each of three gate, by the sides, will enter twelve thousand of the Saints, under the leadership of Israelite's sons — the heads of the tribes. In such order Israelite's tribes will take the bases of the city: The First is Judah — yasper, the second — Reuben — sapphire, the third — Gad — chalcedony, the fourth — Asir — emerald, the fifth — Nephalim — sardonyx, the sixth — Manasseh — sardius, the seventh — Simeon — chrysolite, the eighth — Levihin — beryl, the ninth — Issahar — topaz, the tenth — Zebulun — chrisopras, the eleventh — Joseph — jacinth, the twelfth — Benjamin — amethyst.

Seven Lightful Arhats will pass by Thy Cross, which consolidates the Holy City in the base. The Cross will be flared up with the Sacred Radiation: the Alpha and the Omega. And the Divine Hymn will sound from the Bell Cups. The river of the Water of Life will flow from God's Throne! «The Third Eye», which nourishes with current of LOVE the Rainbow of Heaven, will shine. The Top of the City is the Narrow Gate into the World of God Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, in the Sanctuary, which is inaccessible even for Logoses. But God's Light is over the City and in the City, over the Universe and in the Universe! Let sing Osanna to the Eternal God Maria DEVI CHRISTOS!

The Tree of Life on the Golden Street will educate the Israelite's sons — Logoses of the Wisdom of Light. Taste his fruits, Children of Light...


— Do you want to get in the Sphere of Fire, My Son? But only not burn yourself!

Go in openly and with Prayer : «Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, raise Me in the Assembly of Saints of Thy City. Lead Me and dominate over Me: I am Thine! For Thou art My narrow Gate in the Kingdom of God!» Read the Light Prayer.

Heart, in the moment of Transformation of the Selected of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS into Logos, will be opened as a twelve-petalled flower of Lotos, and having blazed up with God's Supreme love, it'll fly in the unattainable, for all spaceships, Heights. You will see the revolving spheres on your Way, flying Streams of Light as assembly of the little spectral mini-crosses in symmetrical rows pass by You. My Logos, Beloved Son of Light. My Bio-currents show the Way to You, attracting Your consciousness and heart in the One Heart-center Sphere. The Lord Jesus Christ was here two millenniums as a Planetary Logos, and now He left that sphere for that, whom Maria DEVI CHRISTOS will select.

Your sight is amazed by extraordinary changing lightful forms: spherical stars of David cruciately swim past. And behold, a little figure on the violet velvet ribbon sprinkled with the tiny golden hieroglyphes, saying about the Secret of the Egyptian Sphinx, about the Law of Eternity, about the LOVE of Lights — these are My Thoughts. I am Sending them specially for You, My Selected, that Your consciousness, having contained the eternal experience of being, were performed in one moment. Enlightened by light forms, refined by sound vibrations of hearty frequencies of God-bond, was turned to My Loving Maternal hands only, which never let You go already in the world of abyss and mortality, but they will raise You to the Supreme Christ's degree... That's why — become saturated sooner! It's special for You, for everyone of My Selected is individual in the perception of My LOVE, which is transformed from God's Heart. But yet, he amazingly generalized in the white imperishable decoration of Saints, which rise in the shape of the Golden flow of spherical rings into God's World.

Be in LOVE! And You will be opened the invisible for men, as the Light penetrates everything! Where its not enough, there is darkness and the long sounds, as chaotic streams, fathomly strike against the edge of the iron well of infinity. Darkly, despondently, inanely! Light doesn't go where silence of malice is reing. In the malice — there is nothing from God. And everywhere is Light! He infinitely lavishes on beams of gladness, the all-blissful currents of the Unity of loving particles. Where there is LOVE and Light, there is a Law of Rainbow, there is the gold and interdependency of phases, the inspiration in one merging.

The Merging of Spirit is above all! When Your vibration, filled with Light of LOVE, acts in the heart, I hear a stir of the Soul. She starts to revolve by the form of cross in the golden radiance, as if She threw the burden of covers off, which detached Her from God's sphere. This is invisible for unspiritual man...

I See, Feel and many things Can open to You, My child; Give You the First theoretic experience of Your Heavenly flight.

Be in LOVE! Be in LOVE! Love with Spirit! Sound as ringning of Bells from octave to octave, by degree of saturation and ascension. If You'll feel over-filling, begin to sing! For, secreting sounds, You create balance, equilibrium of Light Streams, going on through You in the moment of Transfiguration, in order to swallow not the wrong way. Sing and say the Light Prayer to Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Queen of Light, which carries You away in Her Kingdom! Then there won't be so adversative power which can take You away from the Way.

While You feel yourself filling and growing ball of light energies, the flares of lights issue from your hands and hair. You are easy and pure(clean) — blessed. Only God's Love are Your wings. For the first time Your heart accepts a mysterious doze of Light Love. You are in flame. The shabby shrouds of Your terrestrial clothes are dissolved and calcined for ever and ever. Be afraid of Nothing! Today You become Logos and cognize that is TRUTH.

TRUTH is God, that is Light, that is Love. I am admired by Thee, My New Planetary Logos! Now every single one, 144 thousand, will cognize the LOVE in God's Light. You are the First, everything is opened to You. And after You — all to a man! And to everyone — His perception of Light Love of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Amen.


— Go into My Embraces! I Vest the world in Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. Only in My Heavenly Embraces of the Lord's Mother, Spouse and Daughter, You will feel fully the completeness and secret of God's LOVE. Fill with My Light Name: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, look narrowly at My before-heavenly Image. Do You see a white garland from Roses on the head, with bloody petals bordered by the Golden Luminescence, outgoing from a Cross on the forehead? And now, look directly in My Eyes and go into My Tenderness, sending down in the world from the Holy of Holies of the Golden City. At first, a Green Paradise, the Golden placers of Light open to You the first picture of real entry in God's World through the Eyes of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. Then still seeing Her Image on a background of the Heavenly Gate, detain Your sight on the Lord's Mouth. Words, which She will tell You, make out on Sounds and Colours — Divine Vibrations. That will be Your individual appeal in God's World, Her Signal and Blessing. As soon as You take it in the heart and transformate by the reverse chain of Your sending of Her Love: approach to the Heavenly Gate closely.

Cross (front side)

The Face of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Looks at You and guards. At the Gate the Arhangel of All-pure Mother — Michael and the Angel Gabriel. They block a way by fiery swords. Above them a Luminous Equilateral Cross with burning letters:

It is the Greatest Symbol of the Mother of the World, stretched above the World-Creation. The reflection of Her Heavenly Glory. Look at the White Gate. Now, on a background of the Gate flame up the Heart of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The Luminous Clothes of the Queen open to You Her Heart, hidden by white shrouds. The Flame clears everyone who stands at God's Gate, and You are being warmed in the beginning, then begin to sweat, and, at last, begin to blaze from the endless stream of LOVE, outgoing from Her Heart to You. Melt away. The gate swings open before You, for You are already on the point of entering in the Holy World of Your's Lord. You have not noticed, how Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has extended to You Her Hand, pellucid with Light, and You have already floated after Her in the Secret nook of Paradise. The vibrations of a pulsing exchange of LOVE with Divine Spouse and Mother, make You the golden-faced Angel — Logos of Her Heart. Now, in the process of accumulation of the Spirit of Light, You will be carried away by Her in God's secret Sanctuary.

— He is ready! I Lead Him. He was the first one who adopted the Transformation of LOVE from Light. Darling Father of Lights! LOVE Him as Me! Thy Mary adopts only that who adopted the Fire of Thy LOVE, sending from Thy Heart, Father of Lights!

The Father of Lights is Accepting Logos of the Mother of the World in His Heart.

— Mary, Let Him bear the Light of Our Love, as the Reflection, let Him directly lavishe the Light of the Mother of the World from the Father of Lights.

— I love! Oh My Effulgent! I direct Him in the Abode of Pleasure, let Him create there something extraordinary, lovely to Thy Heart and will send it in the New Jerusalem awoken to Life!

— Yes, My Love, Light — Mary. You know everything. Lead!

— Give thanks to Thee, My Eternal! Everyone My Instant near Thee is Thy Instant. I Love Thee, the Most High!

* * *

— White Logos! Fill by Our Radiance! Now You will cognize a little secret...

Queen and Logos floated by an Iridescent Staircase downwards and, having lowered from a Sanctuary, illuminated by Light of God's Face, directed to the East.

— Do You like Your New Transformation?

— Oh, Queen! I am overflowed by ringing of radiations, lightness of movements and bliss of Love! Blessed is Thy Hand! Oh, My Lordess, I am happy forever!

— Now I will perfect You up to the condition of the constant Flow of Light. You will adopt all My Lightful Radiations and begin to give back constantly, received from Me: from Quantum to Quantum. I am connecting to Your Transformation the Alpha and the Omega. Sing of a Prayer to the Mother of the World, for now I shall pass through You the RAINBOW and forever I shall tear off Your body and soul from mortality and being. You will eternally transfer theLight of God, Sending from Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

— Queen of Lights! I kneel before Thy Light and LOVE. Do with Me what You whant. I am Thy Reflection. All-Holy, I Love Thee and God's Light, for I am Thy Continuation already.

— You will light a Sephirotic Chain, having connected to the Flow of Light Wave, will animate everyone. After that each of seven Logos-Sephirots will animate Their continuations. In total 144 thousand will enter in the New Jerusalem. Before My transmitting of God's Light to You, go in the Abode of Gladness.

Queen of Light slowly has floated in the Green Paradise in support of the army of the lovely Angels, similar to children, with transparent wings, golden heads, flying in the form of the light cloud. Logos was floating behind Her, forever attracted with God's LOVE and Mercy. Mercy, to become Her Shadow — Reflection. For there are no shadows in God's Kingdom — only the Reflections of Light.

— Watch My Hand. I will show You a Sphere of YourCreative work by marks. Do You See a Shining City? It is the New Jerusalem, descending on the Earth. When You put on a Crown, after entering in the constant Flow of Light, You begin to create, as Co-creator of God. Look, how Our God's City Shines! Soon He will be filled by Logoses. The RAINBOW will accompany everyone. The task of the RAINBOW to create a Light Ring from 144 thousand of God's Saints. You will perform a role of the Green Wave... Amen.


In order to be a green wave, it is nessesary to merge with Me. When you are merging with the Heart of God, You become the Eternal Heart, filled with the Light of LOVE and Faith in that You and the Heart are One! You feel as Blood pulses in it, as it gets warm with tears, as it is pressed because of suffrings and filled with pain for humanities' sins. After that it breaks through with streams of light and flows with LOVE into the Heart of all existence...Become My Heart!

The Golden currents pour into You. I send My LOVE to You and vibrations of the Supreme Light, Magnetism of God's Soul, who loves God as Its own, pass over You. You LOVE Mother of Light as Yourself. Therefore You really can be a retranslator of the Golden Wave.

The Golden Sphere, similar to an ellips, becomes your inseparable part! Put it on over your white dress, which has already been prepared to abserb the Supreme currents, going out of the Heart-center of the Cross.

Alpha and Omega! Alpha and Omega! The Etarnal Happiness!

Alpha and Omega! Alpha and Omega! Blessing and LOVE!

Alpha and Omega! Alpha and Omega!49 Inflorescences of LOVE!..

Hello, My Lightful Double, Logos of the Blessed LOVE of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. You are unheard-of Beautiful in Your new imperishable decoration. Now, fulfil that, what the Most High Wants: creat the Lightful forms, animate the Universes by Light, fill with LOVE to God All Existence... Amen.


Ringing of Heavens makes great in all the Universe! In the distance and near worlds a Bell beats its Wedding Song, captivating with Celebration of Light, Love and Good of All existence. White — golden decoraion of the Wedding Holy-City the New Jerusalem illuminates the Faces of the people Entering by symmetrical columns of 144 thousand in the white clothes. It is the Saints — Logoses. The golden rest of Eternity — Children of Light

Behold, the Tabernacle of God is among men, and He shall dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be among them.

And He who sits on the throne said, «behold, I am making all things new»! And in that very moment the Holy City was descended on the New Earth. Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is the Constantly flowing, life-creative Light of Eternity, clothed with the Eternal Form! Every person entering through the Golden Heavenly Gate in the Capital City New Jerusalem will see Him...

And the Heaven was opened. And Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS has illuminated the New City by His unearthly Light!

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in the assembly of Angels in a Refectory already. She was the First one who entered in the Golden Temple of The Wedding ceremony and, Having opened wide the White Door of the Shining Refectory, has arisen at a long table, covered by a white cloth. Mother of the World and Father of Lights have already Married. The One in two Christ is the Mother of the World, Mother of Light, which will marry up with Her Sacred Church now, as the Sacrificial Lambess for Adam's kind. The White Door will be opened wide now and God's Bride Church will enter in, consecrated by Light of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The first who will enter will be Seven the Most Lightful Arhats. It is the Witnesses of the Bridegroom and Bride. Then — twelve from 144 thousand, and, at last, all the Golden rest...

... As a breakable crystal the angelic voices began to ring. The Lambess has extended Her Hands towards the people Entering and has directed Beams of Heart in the Heart of the Church.

— Osanna! Osanna! Osanna to the One God Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! The angels have begun to sing a wedding song, and the sounds began to sparkle, as the golden rain of LOVE.

Have begun to sparkle — Hello, Light-bearer of Love! Thou art My Light!

— Taste a fruit from the Tree of Life, My child!.. The Mother of the World has extended a Golden Apple to the Church, filled by honey and playing by Light of his soul under the thin peel.

The Mother of the World — the Lambess has floated around the table, continually Stopping before Saints and Directing Beams of Her Heart in their Hearts. Enjoy the fruits of the Tree of Life! It is the Nectar of Love! Fill with God's Light up to endlessness!

When the Saints were filled with Light, having tasted the Golden Apple, the Holy Spirit consecrated Their Faces. And behold, the Bells of Eternity have rung out, for in this instant, lasting the whole millennium, the Complete Lord's Image was manifested. And the Elders fell before Him on their faces, Having bowed to the Most High God, for, the Father of Lights was glorified in His Mother Forever. Which connected Masculine and Feminine Together. THE RAINBOW descended from Heavens and crowned both the Planet Earth and the Universe, and All Existence with Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. The Lord's Glory began streaming everywhere with Christ's Light-bearing Blood, giving birth to uncountable Flows of Light from Love and flowers — the living Words (Sloves — rus.), Sounding by Music of 49 steps of the Blessed Happiness.

— Drink Light and become saturated! Give birth to Light and present It to All Existence! Love is Light of God, Light is Love of God.

* * *

Let there be Light! Let there be Love! Let there be Eternal Light of Love of the Uniform Creator of Light and His Beams — Co-Creators — the Golden-faced Logoses — Children of the Mother of Light Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Amen.

Give Thanks to Thee, All-Good Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Let Thy Light be praised! Let Thy LOVE be praised! The New Jerusalem has woken up to the Eternal Life! Osanna! USMALOS! Hallelujah! AUM RA! URA!

Mother of the World
1992 (Czech Republic: Wandering), 2016