Interview with Victoria PreobRAzhensky

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

Interview with Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhensky,
The Founder of «the Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium»

The interview was taken by Maria Egorova, the correspondent of the Moscow Komsomolets Newspaper.

— It is well-known that we are all formed by our childhood. Were there any signs in your childhood pointing towards what you do now? How and why do you think Ancient Egypt, in particular, became important to you? How did you familiarise yourself with this civilisation?

— Soon will be published My New Book, in which I have included memories of my childhood. Readers who are interested in the details of My Journey of Life will find it very interesting. This book does not have a title yet, but when it is published, we will be advertising it on my websites, and

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya Book «The Terrestrial Way of the Mother of the World»

So, to answer the question, I will just say that at the age of five I started to write poems and compose music, which I played by ear on the piano, without knowledge of music's grammatics. As for my artwork and everything related to it: all these came, — indeed, from Supreme Spheres. I did not study art at Kiev University at all, though I spent six years there, in the faculty of journalism. Everything which I eventually felt and what I must convey to people, came to me spontaneously and naturally! I showed, on my own example, what kind of 'normal person' of the future should be: He will be highly spiritual, creative, useful for the Cosmos and mankind first of all. In one word it is not just a Homo Sapience, it is already a new step in evolution: Homo Spiritus.

Ancient Egypt is a topic of my life. First time I visited the Great Pyramid as a pilgrim and researcher, while I was working at ATMA, the international spiritual institute, in 1991-1992! Before My visit of the Great Pyramid, I had discovered its secret, and discribed this hidden knowledge in my Secret Doctrine. The structure of this Cosmic Plan was revealed to me, with diagrams. In 1991, I continued my research of the Giza Plateau, and I intended to test Transformation in the Great Pyramid, but the Goddess Ma'at gave me signs that it is not the right time to do it now. Sharp intervention from Interpol in relation to an announcement by Zahi Hawass, prevented me from conducting this mysterious action: later one night, after a detailed check and communication with Kiev, we were abruptly deported home from Egypt. However, I understand that this was preordained by Cosmos. Thus, knowing the secret of the Pyramid, I shouldn't perform this experiment just by myself. And I kept myself away from this Idea until 1999, It was the year when I came back to the Pyramid. Over time, I started to write about the phenomenon of the Pyramid in my «Science of Light and Transformation». A newspaper is not the place to talk about the Sacramental Esoteric Topics. If readers are interested in why Ancient Egypt particularly caught my attention and why Ancient Egypt dominates in all my works and my activity, I recommend to read my Book, «The SacRAl Book of Isis», which was published this year. You can also listen it via internet Radio on The significance of Ancient Egypt for our planet is revealed in this book. The Giza Plateau is the ancient creation of the Sirian Civilisation (Siriusians). And the complex of Pyramids with the Sphinx are an earthly reflection of the Heavenly Ancestral Home of Neters in the Universe. I’ll say one thing: the roots of all humanity are one. The Suryan (Sirian — paRAdisical) Vedic Space of the Universe, at the head of which stands the Great Mother of Gods and our Solar System, known as «the Woman clothed in the Sun» — AST — Isis Sotis — Sophia Divine Wisdom — is a True Divine Matrix of the Universal Creation. All fables, religions and cultures come from the United Planetary Centre — the Ancient Vedic Sirian Rus'. Orion, Sirius, the Pleiads, Ursa Major, the Leo constellation, and the Southern Cross of the Hyperborea, among others, all of them were members of this Cosmic Alliance. These Galactic Federation of Light was the United Surya Rus' in ancient times. Our ancesstors weren't just citizens of one planet, they had a Galactic membership, they travelled across the whole universe in cosmic Vimanas and Whitemaras (you can find detailed description of this cosmic ships in Vedas and Puranas).

Thirteen thousand years ago, after the sinking of Atlantis, the Sirian Nefers (Neters), led by the Great Mother Isis (Sothis), erected the Megalithic Pyramids and the Sphinx, having laid the foundation for the Russian Sacral Culture at 30 degrees N — central longitude, dividing the earth in two. Along this line of longitude, like a Cosmic Clock of Eternity, moves the Heavenly ROSTAU (Ancient Egyptian name of the Starry Kingdom of Light). Literally: «RosTau» — Cross of Rus — Rosi, Race — Light of RA! This includes guiding Systems such as the Sirius System! And Orion! These are inhabited Systems. At that time, during the Age of Leo, towards which the legendary Sphinx points, the cyclical polarity reversal occurred. Nowadays the planet Earth approached the similar planetary event. And the Age of Aquarius arrived — the Age of the Holy Spirit — the New evolutionary cycle for the entire Living Cosmos! Now we are in the process of transition into the 6th RAce. This is a very delicate period. The old 3D conceptions still exist, but lost power already, and the 4D conceptions are opened now only for High Individualities, who have already multidimensional skills. The Age of Pisces — the age of patriarchy — is fading into oblivion forever. This is the lowest level of consciousness that has ever existed on Earth, the lowest point, which corresponds to the current, 5th race. This is a time of ignorance, of degradation of soul, of hatred and evil, of impenetrable darkness — Kali Yuga. It is in precisely this patriarchal time that all these have been completely forgotten and expelled from human consciousness: the Great Mother Goddess — Mother of the Gods — She who is The Highest Truth and Light of Lights in the Universe.

Ain-Soph, Sophia Divine Wisdom — Matari — MARIA — Mother of Aries, ISIS-IST-ISTINA (rus) means: Truth, who gave birth to All Beings. And henceforth all troubles and ills of one-sided consciousness. Without the Mother there is no family or human race! And this is the eternal Truth! And now the time has come, finally, to reveal Isis! To open people’s eyes to the Light! To show them the Way! To help them to pass into the new evolutionary time system: a New Time and a New Dimension. This is what I have been doing for 21 years already. This is My Cosmic Mission — an arduous and thankless one, sadly…

— Do you consider yourself a «trailblazer»? Where do you get your ideas from for your work, your research? Do you have an idol? What is your opinion of the rule: «Do not create an idol for yourself»? Was your path «to the Summit of Glory» a difficult one?

— Yes, I am a Female Pioneer, the first person in the Age of the enthusiastic patriarchy, who openly rebels against the existing doctrines, the out-of-date canons, ignorance and absolute abasement of the Female Origin. All My Life I have been showing that the Great Femininity is LOVE, BEAUTY, KNOWLEDGE and STRENGTH.

My Ideas come from Above — from the Holy Spirit, I bring to people what I Know, I Represent the Highest Spiritual World, from Whence I Came…

I do not have any Idols. But there are geniuses, worthy of respect, who dedicated their lives to bringing knowledge and enlightenment to this world. These figures include Joan of Arc, M. Lomonosov, Leonardo da Vinci, Helena and Nicholas Roerich, A. Teodoridi, Helena Blavatsky, Mary Magdalene and Christ, Boos Beloyar. The list I can continue for ever...

People create idols for themselves when they do not have a Connection with the Spiritual World. For example, the idol Lenin still lies in a tomb, or Michael Jackson — he is also someone’s idol.

What does path «to the Glory» mean? For 21 years I have been living in the chasm of a fallen world. And only My devoted diligence and My Creative Works raise Me above everything material. My Whole Life has been directed towards the Enlightenment of Human consciousness. But I do this from «above», or from «below», it doesn’t have a meaning for the ignorant people on Earth…

— I hope I would not be wrong to suggest that you have many admirers and followers. Who are you to them: idol, teacher, spiritual leader? Would you be able to «draw» a general picture of your audience, listener or reader?

— Yes, I have many students, followers and admirers of My multidimensional works. For my students I am a Spiritual Teacher, or simply «Mama»; for my followers I am Light in the darkness.

It’s a very diverse group of people. First and foremost, these are people with pure, open hearts, and open minds, who are searching for True Beauty, something New, full of Love and Light. When people visit My exhibitions, they witness themselves that they have been transformed to heaven, been revitilized, their souls awaken. We are surrounded by the most diverse people: writers, actors, students, singer-songwriters, musicians, artists, pensioners, children. Children have open souls — they recall Atlantis when they look at My paintings or listen to My Cosmic Music. I have very many followers abroad, whom I meet when I travel with exhibitions or seminars. I receive many kind letters. Essentially, these are people who aspire to change for the better, positive people who are reaching out towards the Light, who dream of entering the Light in the future. And indeed they look at My site, to see for themselves Future horizons, which I have opened to mankind. All Beautiful, Lightful, Spiritual and Everlasting, awaits the entire Universe. You can find out about this in more detail from My lectures. I am happy to announce this to the world: the Forthcoming Transformation! And people find hope and a desire to overcome all difficulties, and to enter the New Transformed World, into which the longsuffering planet Earth shall soon pass. And the first to be affected by this will be the Slavs: the greatest, most ancient race. And the Great Mother Sophia will protect Rus', and the whole Planet, thus it is a Cosmic RAce.

— Is your creative work aimed at everyone, or is it all meant for a small circle of kindred spirits? Is everyone capable of understanding what you do?

— All in all, my work is elite, for a high level of consciousness, for those who are educated on a spiritual level. I communicate with many people, in accordance with their understanding: some are engaged through visual imagery, some through music, and others need a scientific Knowledge system. I hold lectures and seminars where people of different ages and with different backgrounds gather according to their level of development. I speak with them in the language of ancient Sacred Wisdom, and share My «Science about Light and Its Transformation». I have developed a course of lectures with which I travel upon invitation. I am opened to all who want to experience the Universal Spiritual Transformation. Those people who understand and are aware of global processes and changes are now experiencing the Solar System — they understand and welcome Me with open arms. And I give them the Cosmic Information they need and multidimentional SacRAl Knoweledge.

— Some people create purely for themselves, whereas for others it is important to have something to show to other people. What is the ultimate objective of your creativity?

— The objective of My Creativity is «The Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium»© — the main goal of which is to prepare human consciousness for a Quantum Leap — a tRAnsformation, the transition to the Sixth Race. This is the Golden Age of humanity. But first of all we have to pass the most powerful trials. My Planetary Culture is BEAUTY, Creativity, LOVE and WISDOM. All this is part of My Labours, the fruits of which I generously give to everyone who desires it.

— It is written in your biography on the website: «has Highest Spiritual Ordination». What does that mean? Who ordained you, and how? Does it mean that some secrets have been revealed to you which are out of the reach of others? Are you prepared to share them?

— I was Initiated in the Spiritual Plane, the Plane of the Supreme Cosmic Reality (I wear this symbol on my hand), passing through the death and Rebirth from the Holy Spirit Above. I have written about this in details in the «Sacral Book of Isis». All My Life, all I do is transformation of humanity into the Supreme Level of Gods, this level is totally opened for Me.

— How comfortable is it for you living in this world, where there isn’t much reward for people who are unusual, out of the ordinary? Will you have to at some point «get your claws out», fight for your Cause? How do you handle criticism directed at you?

— Coming down to earth in 1990 from a Higher Spiritual Plane with a Planetary Mission, being in charge of the Purity and Imperishability of My Higher World, I ended up being rejected here by the «fathers of patriarchy». Undergoing all possible affronts and trials — as they say, «through fire and water» — I gained good life experience and it made me stronger.

So, imagine, in 1990-91 I was the first to announce that people would be coded by nano-chips, to announce globalisation, world government, cyborgs and mutants, epidemic sexuality and general corruption. Many laughed, some spluttered, not wanting to believe it. But today, it is all already here, has flourished, like a magnificent, toxic flower. In those years, I showed mankind the Way, how to avoid this disaster and painlessly start the Transformation, having everything in abundance. But the male patriarchs — the «old inquisitors» — did not like it. So they slandered Me and threw Me in jail, in an attempt to grind me down completely. Had I been a mere mortal, these indignities and global pressure would have broken me, my physical, mental and spiritual strength, long ago. But, as you can see, I did not give up, I went on as I had before, escaping the thorns. If you remember, I Arrived here with an Egyptian rod on my left hand — with a Symbol of Higher Spiritual Power. Today Ancient Egypt and the Goddess Sotis-Sophia — this is the Apogee of My Great Work. Do you know that expression? All the great devoted ones strove to achieve the Great Work, i.e. the alchemical transformation of a base metal into gold — the philosopher’s stone of immortality. So My Philosopher’s Stone of immortality is ready for mankind. Now I am waiting until people are completely 'purged', so that they are able to take it forever.

As for «claws» — that’s My Word, My Work and My Creativity. I embrace the principle of non-violence. And My weapon is My Spiritual Labour in the Name of the Victory of Light on Earth!

If I had paid attention to the one-sided filth and slander that have been directed at me for so many years through the media, I wouldn’t have created My Magnificent canvas, nor written my unearthly Music and Poetry, wouldn’t have passed on my Teaching, and would absolutely not have created My New Planetary Culture for the people of the Earth. I stand by an old saying: Dogs bark and the procession goes on![I continue My Spiritual Path independentaly from circumstances].

— It has been written in the press that you and Maria Devi CHRISTOS are the same person, and that all your current associates were members of the Great White Brotherhood. Is this idle speculation or is it all true?

— Yes, I don’t hide it. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS is My Sacred Name, for the devoted ones. Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is my Cosmic Name, for the world. In order to dispel the myth created by the «fathers of patriarchy», which has been spreading through the media for 20 consecutive years now, I opened a New Portal for Spiritual Knowledge through «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium». And it has been completely successful. I have revived the ancient Theatre of Mystery, and using dramatic characters I have conveyed the Great Secret to people. I have a great many admirers of My Creative Works, and many of them attest to the fact that I am the Creator of a World of Paradise, and that My Works of Art are Divine Works. I have a number of students, many of whom are companions of old, but there are also many new ones. They, of course, know Who I Am. And they are happy to help me with my difficult job.

— How do you feel about totalitarian sects? Do you find that religious, spiritual and social organisations which have entirely noble goals are often wrongly grouped under this label?

— The very concept of a «totalitarian sect» comes from a sectologist, A. Dvorkin, an American citizen who previously worked for the Freedom radio station. Only a state can be «totalitarian». A «sect» is a narrow offshoot of a main religion. The largest Christian sects are alive today — namely Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelist, Protestant, and so on. All of these came from Christianity, but are actually very far from what these churches support today. Each one has its own canon and symbol of faith, but overall, they are all «branches of the same tree» which have developed in their own way from the Jewish Byzantine religion. Jesus Christ would never have dreamed of this during his lifetime. He himself was the Great Initiated One in the Cult of the Great Mother Isis-Sotis. And then I came and carried on His Work: enlightening human minds.

As for the Great White Brotherhood — this is a New Slavic Formation, for which the first Matriarch in history is the Slav Woman, who preaches about the Kingdom of Light and the Forthcoming TRAnsformation of Planet Earth. This mass movement of people at the beginning of the 1990s was long ago transformed into the New Community of Transformed Humanity of the Sixth Race of Cosmic Citizens. This is a New, Enlightened Race, stepping into a New Aeon, which was heralded by all the sages and prophets, including the Planetary Logos, Jesus Christ, Horus, the Sun, and the Son of Isis. This is not a religion, but a Spiritual Path, the Universal Teaching of the Mother of the World, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, on the Absolute Spirit and the Universe.

— Do you have any little feminine pleasures? If it’s not a secret, please share them with us.

— I love flowers: roses and lily of the valley. I love my famous cat Petya. He is already 13 years old, and he is an enlightened cat, who also comes from Sirius. I love crystals: they help me to overcome difficulties along the Way. I do not belong to this world at all. And My Feminine Pleasure is when people reach out for the Light, for Creativity and for LOVE, when they strive to live in BEAUTY and Perfection…


Белая РАСА!

В Моих Лучах
Возславлен Будет Свет!
И Лучезарная СтРАна Возстанет!
В Преддверии Созвучия Планет —
Над Русью Гром Небесный
                 Звоном Грянет!
София, РАдуйся!
Свершилось на Земле
      ПреобРАжение —
Твоим Насущным Хлебом!
Ты Пребывала Столько Лет
                          во Тьме…
Но Твоя Слава Возпылала
Стозвучным! Солнечным!
Сурийским Золотом
Зпадёт на мир
ещё Одна СтРАница!
И будет наковальня
             бита молотом!
И РАСА Белая, навек,
The Interview was conducted by Maria Egorova,
correspondent for the
Moscow Komsomolets newspaper
To read full text Interview, — posted in the Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya Book
«The Terrestrial Way of the Mother of the World» and in the Spiritual Edition «Victoria RA», №1-№3.