Alchemical Sublimation

Attention: ApoCALYpse!

Bacchanalia of a pandemic of lies is gaining momentum worldwide. And this is one of the methods of controlling the consciousness of the masses. The limp mass of people — are obedient and unreasonable. They forgot how to use their brains, they easily give in and believe only in a zombie TV who has been brainwashing them for 30 years. But for good reason, since 1990, everyone has been given signs and warnings about the future end of the world, and the White IMAGE of the Mother of the World has been shown to everyone. But it was this gray mass that hated the Savior of the Earth — the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Who Appeared on April 11, 1990 in Donetsk, and in June 1990 in Kiev (as the famous prophet Michel Nostradamus predicted). And She Started Her Thorny Path of Light in Darkness. And all these years, She constantly Warned Earthlings about the imminent danger of chipping, receiving the «mark of the Beast» — a digital mark, and death from this inhuman action of the Antichrist. During this time, She Created the CultUre of Golden Age for the TRAnsformation of consciousness of earthlings. And who accepted Her will be Saved by the Power of Fohat-Light of Sophia the Wise.

Today the whole world is driven into panic by the forces of darkness. That’s what they’re doing, psychotronic weapons. For when there is fear, the soul contracts, and the body ceases to function normally, the brains are completely turned off and panic begins. And panic — is the bestial instinct of self-defense. But normal people, sighted people, for that they have entire eyelids, must understand the horror of what is happening in the world, without panic. Yes, this Time has come, which about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS constantly Warned and Prepared the consciousness of sighted earthlings for the ApoCALYpse — the Time when all the masks will be torn off and the Truth will be Revealed. But before that, everyone will be immersed in the deception and illusion of the Prince of Darkness, which is happening today. A staging of pandemic lies — is a screen behind which a new world order hides, when evil forces openly come to power, and the Antichrist is at the head, as he is also called: «world predictor». Galina Tsareva has a film of the same name, in which she revealed the plans of the world government to destroy the world's population. But, I Suppose, only the sighted know about this. Others work for the darks, dispersing the flywheel of fear, numbness, hatred and evil towards each other. Right now, souls are being tested for humanity and kindness. Your eyesight is being tested right now. Do you remember the Rothschild magazine Economist 2020? On the cover of which a list of countries is placed in the form of a table for checking vision. And this is not an accidental message for everyone. Yes, it is the sighted who will understand what is happening in the world today. And in the world under the guise of a «coronavirus epidemic» (by the way, available, like hundreds of other viruses and bacteria in the body of every living creature, because your body is like the Universe!), a world conspiracy is taking place to seize power by the world government and introduce a «new world order» what is symbolically indicated on the dollar bill. The dark ones do not hide their initial plans, just as Ein-Sof Standing over the Worlds, She is: Sophia the Wise, Revealed in the IMAGE of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS for the SepaRAtion of Good and Evil, black and white. Masons of the black hierarchy show their plans in films and animated cartoons, play their black mass-mysteries and send different symbols to earthlings. And the Mother of the World Shows Her Symbols and Signs in Her Creation, in the Word, Music, Song, Painting and «Theater of Mysteries». She Herself — is the Symbol of the departing Age of world evil and the Phenomenon of the Golden Age, the TRAnsformation in which the World FEMININE is Involved: RA — Light, WIFE, Closed with the Sun. That is why every sighted person, aware of Her Phenomenon and Staying in this world for the whole 30 years, understands that this is the ApoCALYpse. MahaKali Herself on Earth in Her Absolute Form of Unity of Two Principles, Good and Evil, Which, in fact, does not exist in Absolute Unity and Harmony. Now, when these two concepts are very strikingly differing in their effect and likeness, there is a struggle of principles: male and female, dark and light, good and evil. This Age of Kali-yuga in zoroastrianism is called the Age of Separation of Good and Evil. And the Avatar, Born on March 28, Is the One Who Performs this SepaRAtion. First it is necessary to separate the black from the white, and then I Will Reveal the Alchemical Quintessence of the PhiloSophian Stone, or Pure Gold. And now there is Sublimation. Before lead becomes gold, a reaction is needed. Therefore, we need to wait a bit and show a lot of effort, patience, and then the result of the efforts will be crowned with success!

Ahead, of course, is a gloomy time. And it has already flowed, quickly and suddenly. Darks, like the last breath of air before death, are eager to capture the hated population of the planet in their paws. And recoup on it to the fullest. And this is: a probable war to destroy the Slavs, as a stronghold of the white race, compulsory vaccination (in the context of all the rights and freedoms of earthlings), physical destruction through infection with vaccines in which liquid chips and laboratory viruses are introduced, here you can also include foreign masks, tests (they can also be specially infected to increase the mortality expected by the darks). One morning everyone will wake up, and in the world — a digital concentration camp. Today you have been driven through the cells under pain of death, and tomorrow everyone who is chipped or labeled through biometrics will be struck by radiation from the psigenerators installed on the towers. And they’ll write off everything to the «corona virus», which is a common flu known to physicians since the Soviet period.

There is common sense in the interview with Professor Stefano Montanari:

«...People should not sit at home, in fear and without movement», — says Dr. Montanari. People have to move, walk in the sun, now vitamin deficiency. By its measures, the government is extremely harmfuling to public health. Even if a person is asymptomatic with the virus, that is, he is essentially healthy, and they say that he is sick, then this will affect his health. As well as the health of all those who are now intimidated sitting at home, not receiving vitamin D, leading a sedentary lifestyle, in limbo for their future. I believe that the risk group —pensioners — should also calmly go out and lead their normal lifestyle. Life locked up — kills more than coronavirus. Although, perhaps, this is the goal. We are on other side of the absurd!

There is an important point not in my competence - this is economics. Now everything is closed, except for the stock exchange. It reaches a low bottom. Only the exchange works, and millionaires can easily purchase companies that are now worth pennies. And when the signal will give: to finish the «operation», then they will suddenly become the owners of huge fortunes. Millionaires will become billionaires, the rich will become super-rich, and the middle class will become poor. I reckon that everything was organized for this. And, for the sake of future billionth profit from, supposedly «miraculous vaccine». From a virus, from it can not be immunity, and therefore, can not be vaccine».

Full interview here → (English version)

It is evident from all over that ordinary citizens are the bulk of the weak-willed and supple majority, which today led the world to a similar ending. It was with their tacit consent Ukraine-Rus was destroyed, World Femininity in the face of Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was ridiculed and discredited. The bloody Maidan took place, the demonization of all the good and humane took place, the «Mark of the Beast» came, the rights and freedoms of the population rudely and cynically infringed by some idiots and scums, who imagined themselves «overlords» and «dormant partner». A new world order is approaching, which, first of all, will utilize this gray mass. And who else will fall under the hand? Of course, all the unbelievers, with a one-sided consciousness, that does not contain their second natural principle, without which there will never be an integral unity and true love, and those with whose hands this boundlessness of world evil is created. Sit at home and watch your zombo-TV. Soon it will be turned off, because you will no longer need it...


Мир завис перед Концом!
Чёрных правил Режиссёр
подлых, злобных и безверных —
метит гибельным «венцом».

Заговор ползёт змеёю —
«пандемией» в маске зла:
всех безверных загоняют
в цифростан рабов Козла.

Кто проснулся, будьте здРАвы!
Мошиах выходит в мир!
В супермаркетах — отрава.
У рептилий — чёрный пир.

Биороботы возстанут
и л-юдей с Земли сживут.
На убой сведут баранов,
мозги в цифру закуют.

Это, русы, наказанье —
за хулу и слепоту.
Вас ведут на обрезанье,
на войну и в темноту.

Стадо бренное баранов
На убой спешит-бежит.
Ждёт вакцину от тиранов,
получить свой жидкий чип.

Будьте ЗдРАвы, Зрячи, Верны!
Матерь Мира — на Земле!
Выгоняет вас из скверны,
Старый мир — сгорит в Огне!

Мир завис перед Концом.
Кто не принял Матерь Мира, —
тот повержен тёмной силой,
меткой «Зверя», как венцом…
Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya