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Experts on the Works
of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

«...It was fulfilled the prophecy that had been expressed at the beginning of the last century, that the third millennium will be marked by a completely new kind of art — Polyart, which synthesizes many kinds of art in one. We are witnesses and close friends the person who embodies all these talents... The knowledge that Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is giving us — this is joy and pleasure...»

(Alexander OSIPOV, professor, president of the

Association of painters-portraitists).


«...One of these amazing creators is Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, because creativity has always been the axis of her life. The phenomenon of personality Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, which is called the Founder Polyart — is an enigma to researchers of her creation. Victoria, with her desire to create a holistic picture of the world that is addressed, first of all, to the person, is reminiscent creators of the Renaissance. Her painting is inextricably linked with music, dance, poetry. You can not just admire the paintings of Victoria or listen to her music composition. The most attentive and thoughtful look; the most profound, meditative immersion in the sound does not help to know completely the Revelation that opens to the author. This is only possible in the synthesis of all created by Victoria. Then come to life colors and sounds filled with meaning. Sounds organize a space, a move that acquire special rhythms and dance arises. Chaos disappears. The Universe is born... Creativity of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya became the beginning of a whole World of art, full of wide variety opportunities for talents and knowledge of «Heaven, Earth and ourselves...»»

(Zhanna MOZGOVAYA journalist, art critic, executive

secretary of the magazine «Petersburg-classic»).


«Great Love generates Poetry in the gifted heart. Harmony and Music — is the language of Love, its manifestation and life. Poetry of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — it is a «Radiant Garden» where all fecundated by the divine Eros and warmed the soul of the Queen of Heaven. The best poems the poetess — is the sublime hymns of Love. The air of clean, luxurious style, a fantastic beauty and magic of words — are the basis of her aesthetics. …And how with inspiration it sounds! These are — the music of spheres, the breath of the Gods, a space Odyssey, immersion into other worlds and dimensions. Sounds synthesizer that plays any instruments and natural voices carry the listener on the Seventh Heaven of bliss. You charms magician Hecate, carries with her into the flow of Divine Energy (Izonhaya) and you get to the Temple of Isis.

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — «White Tara of Heavenly Country», is tatting of lace her magical patterns and performing a ritual dance of the Gods. One of her incarnations — here with us, and the other — floats through the Millennium the heavenly Boat among stars and planets, «She is Created and Revived Life by Love». She knows the Way and guides us to the Divine Beauty:

«И вот, мы на пороге Шестой РАсы!

                    Век Водолея — пробужденья звон!

Являет образ Женской Ипостаси

                    И призывает: совершить Закон.

Закон Любви, Гармонии, Единства

                    В Великом Равновесье Высших Сил

Позволит миру Прави Пробудиться,

                    Восславив Матерь Бога и Светил!»


(P.V. TULAYEV, writer, scientist, founder

of publishing international journal «Athenaeum»).

«Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — is an artist of esoteric meanings and dynamic processes of the Universe... The Universe is singing waves voices, and the voices of other, adjacent to the earth, spheres poured out into the open tops of consciousness...

Personality of Victoria — is attractive, charming, magnetic. She presents herself as a poet and as a composer and as an artist and as a dancer.

...Since ancient times, the emanations, currents of Wisdom descended to Earth. Clairvoyants and prophets unlocked the invisible worlds by soul... So Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — unrestricted, free to choose the means of expression «illustrator» of her own travel to the Beyond...»

(Stanislav AYDINYAN, vice-president for public relations
of the Creative union of professional artists, member of the board of the International
association of assistance to culture, art critic of Federation of Aqua-painting, member of advisory
council of Association of portrait painters, member of the Union of the Russian writers).

«I am an artist and a scientist. A little philosopher. I am extremely glad that there are like-minded. Here I saw a very strong works of art. The synthesis of different genres, and that is valuable — a sense of very deep penetration beyond the real. It is very important for me. The philosophy of Love and Light is very close to me. Base and beginning of all — it's Higher Love. She runs through all space and Cosmos, and humans, as the particles of the Universe. And thus creates good, and this good — in each heart, in each soul of the person urged to resist to eternal evil. And the more people will be doing it consciously the more chances that our world will live forever!»

(N.N. EFREMOVTSEV, scientist, painter).

«Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — so unusual phenomenon in our life that I want to talk and talk about her that new people will join to her many admirers, those who want to penetrate the mystery of existence, discover unknown earlier sense of inner light and beauty of soul — «formulas of light».

Painting, poetry, music — is the three sisters of talent of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, the member of the International fund of artists. Synthesis of these three recognized muses of beauty and enrichment of soul of the person by the invisible feelings, transferred in Victoria's painting, verses and music, allows people to open itself in new measurement of a space, to listen to own feelings, as though dipped into itself and becoming more natural. Through a prism of the art creativity Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya helps to calm down, relax and be cleared, helps the person to open with itself that he sees, listening to the high vibrations of music cosmic areas was composed by her…»

(Olga CHERNYSHEVA, poetess, a member of Union writers of Russia).

«…It is amazingly fine pictures, tremendous music and the artist. She is an outstanding personality. These people as she need to appreciate them a little. This is — a Light of the modern world...


That picture I liked — «Amaterasu (Goddess of Sun)». It is approximately that place from which we recently arrived — the Russian North. There are the same amazingly fine sunsets; the same color sea though it northern, white, its paints are shimmering all the time, as well as in pictures of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet the goddess there, but I see her here. So impression, she came just from there. I tell frankly: very beautiful picture. I like it very much. Generally, I am in raptures from all what I saw. Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is a great painter!»

(S.V. GOLUBEV, chairman of the commission of scientific tourism of Russian

Geographical Society, chief of Complex Northern search expedition).

««I intend to imagine the person, whose manifestations have to seem so diverse that if I managed to attribute them the uniform thought, no other could be compared to it on width. I want also that there was at it excessively a heightened sense of distinction of things of which falsities quite could be called as the analysis. I find out that everything serves it as a reference point: he always remembers a complete universum … It is created not to forget about anything from this that enters a texture real — about a uniform blade of grass. He plunges into a subsoil belonging to all and, having moved away from them, beholds himself … I will follow it moving in virgin integrity and density of the world where it so will get to like the nature that to it will imitate that with it to merge...» — about the great artist of Renaissance the French poet Paul Valery in the treatise «Introduction to Leonardo Da Vinci's system» in 1894 so wrote. But equally these words can be told now, in the XXI century, about the famous artist, the foundress of Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya.

Victoria with her aspiration to creation of the complete picture of the world turned, first of all, to the person, reminds creators of the Renaissance. She — is not only the artist, but also the poet, the musician, the composer. In Her representation the future of mankind is connected with new understanding of culture, therefore Victoria's Creativity — extremely syncretic: in it the fine arts are inseparably linked with music, dance, poetry and Theosophy. Thanks to it, Polyart of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya learns to see, internally comprehending the unity of the world based on harmony.

...In general the word «art» originally meant a way of action and anything else … Subsequently, this term was gradually narrowed in the value and began to be applied only to a way of action in everyone conscious, or consciousness of the caused activity — with that restriction that this way means at the subject or some preparation, known skill, or a certain orientation of attention and that … for achievement of the necessary result — it can use various methods … And as various methods … aren't equally effective and rational, and on the other hand, not all are equally available to this performer, value of this word … is supplemented with concept of quality or value of a way of action. So, we speak: «Titian's art». Also it is necessary to speak and about Polyart of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Especially as She has, as masters of the Renaissance had, the Creative Workshop uniting followers and adherents. As a result of activity of the Workshop to Polyart's concept which was initially turning on the music, poetry, painting and dance included art of a suit, a theatrical performance and the drama.

...A lot of things are written and told about Victoria's works, including — and the artist who doesn't hide from the admirers the history of creation of works. But, after all, there is something unexpressed, hardly notable, deep that is the cornerstone of her Creativity and any creativity in general. There is a question: from where this knowledge came? Certainly, the artist «has to represent not that he sees, and that will be seen». But who or what gives it the chance to get into secrets of the Universe? What is an images appear at us in Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya's pictures? In what is their essence? Where are their sources? Certainly, it is first of all, in natural supervision. But it isn't necessary to peer fixedly into cloths to learn the represented places. Because it not landscapes portraits of certain places, it is feelings from different landscapes of those places where there was the artist. Facing such cloths, involuntarily you have desire to inhale more deeply — so captures feeling of a boundless scope and scale of the planet.

The special place in Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya's Creativity is taken by works with flowers. It is not habitual for eyes of the audience bouquets, but always — cores of separate flowers. Paraphrasing William Blake, Space — in a flower cup. Indeed, this layer of Works of the artist closely intertwines with another, devoted to stars and planets. It is difficult to answer a question that before you — a flower or the birth of the Universe when you see flashes of yellow fire among a jade maternal bosom in "the Night Sonata" (2009). And "the Fiery Flower (Aspect of the Sun)" (2007), mysteriously flickering, the relatives getting the friend through the friend on scale, but different in tone, paints (ochre, gold, yellow, orange, red, claret) and suddenly blowing up unexpectedly powerful chord of an azure — than not the birth of a supernew star in a far Galaxy?..»

(Zhanna Mozgovaya, art critic, member of the International association of art critics.



«I’m surprised very much the Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. This such unusual art different from other arts by that it looks in future bases, in bases of contemplation of the world, in bases of beauty and mysteriousness. It opens for us that we very long time ago lost for centuries. In this picture("the Marvellous Island") I see Victoria's Soul, soul of Earth, soul of Creation, Great Creation. I wish Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya creative achievements, health, good luck, love and all very best the best that it is only possible to wish!»

(E.A. Mal'kova)

«...I for the first time got on a mystery of Theatre of the Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Also I want to express the admirations and gratitude to Victoria for all those feelings and emotions which were caused in me by a mystery... These emotions, their transfer — are very necessary. These states are important for each person of that they conduct the person to evolution. Behind Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — the future!»

(V.A. Shemshuk, writer).

«I am not the first time present at magic action — Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya's mystery... The feeling of an anotherworld is always present at mysteries. We see images of gods, these images come to life, revive, and we begin our way to the Country of Lightful RA, to the Country of our soul, the Russian soul. And this main thing that we see in Cosmic Polyart of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»

(A.I.Asov, writer, journalist, historian, philologist).

«Victoria, You do a great work. Above this work there is nothing! You wake up spirituality of the Russian Land. For You — the future is!»

A.I. Khersonov (chemist, cosmobiologist, poet, journalist,

member of the Union of journalists, bachelor of an astrology).

«Huge gratitude and appreciation to Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya for an outstanding contribution to the new direction of World Culture and Art «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya», singing of man's harmony! Health, happiness and good luck. Let will be so and not differently. Low bow and the warmest wishes from Presidium of the International Supreme Academic Council (ISAC) and the International Academy of Harmonious development of the Person (UNESCO)»

Shanti P. Jayasekara (President of ISAC),

V.V. Lukoyanov (President of IAHDP (UNESCO)).


«Dear colleagues. If I try to convey my feelings that I feel right now, I think I would have found only one word — shock! I have a feeling, an immediate feeling — I emphasize, I felt my stay at the New Spiritual Universe! It's not just words, it's really my feeling. Now the world has opened in front of me. He began to play with some new colors, new thoughts, ideas and so on... It can not be forgotten, either, in general, fully convey and express. …Here spoke: to what to compare art Creativity of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya.?. And I would say — with nothing. Because it is — a fundamentally New phenomenon. Over time, it will be truly recognized and appreciated.

But, now I still want to say... I see a direct representational transfer of paints compositions of the buildings spirituality as such. It is a direct image of spirituality, or direct perception. Here such, in my opinion, wasn't yet.

And here I want to say. There are already talking about the history in different large scale. I also want to talk about the large scale of history. That was such Epoch of Revival. There were such masters as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and so on. But pay attention, there was not a single woman of the Epoch of Revival. But Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — is a real WOMAN OF EPOCH OF NEW REVIVAL. This is also a fundamentally New Phenomenon. And over time, it will be appreciated and fully understood! And we really see directly, I would said: I would gladly took it to govern us a truly GREAT FEMALE BEGINNING.

Because, in the government by the Feminine, Sacred Feminine, Spiritual-innermost, dear, close, necessary to every living man — and have the meaning of our existence and our continued presence in the world on this Earth.

I believe that today we are witnessing (I am — anyway) in a HISTORICAL PHENOMENON. And thank You very much, Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, because you Are Existing on our restless planet. I think that You Will Help to calm, eventually, her, and to all of us will live much easier, more pleasantly, more happily. And we finally, truly, not in words, will love one another!»

(IYEZUITOV Andrey Nikolayevich, Vice-President of IHAC, Grand-doctor of philosophy,

Doctor of Philology in the field of interaction, Full professor of Oxford, the Nobel nominee

in the field of philosophy, the academician, laureate of the UNESCO

Prize for the creation and application of the «Philosophy of interaction»).


«…As the public figure — I watch Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya continuously since 1991 when She openly specified the newest fatal Vector of the spiritual movement of world scientific thought in the 21st century. So far doesn't raise the slightest doubts that this physiophilosophical two-uniform Universal Principle Spiritual and Material, Spirit and the Matter, found the sufficient specification allowing mankind, the Fifth race safely to pass a fatal point of bifurcation on the following round of the evolution and not to be dullly eliminated by the Highest Hierarchy of Space.

I — as the long-term head of the public scientific organization and the editor of scientific magazines — TESTIFY: in total (all!) multivolume editions of our Russian Physical Society, besides purely practical applied («technical») aspect of activity — in ingenious natural-science enlightenments and discoveries of our authors and members of our Society — completely confirm Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya's Doctrine — Spiritual preservation of a gene pool of a modern civilization at peak of change of a formation in Anticipation of Quantum Jump of Solar System /the Encyclopedia of the Russian Thought. Volume 21: «Reports to the Russian Physical Society, 2014»/.

On spirit, in fact — Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya invisibly always was among members of our Russian Physical Society, and since 2014 Victoria Viktorovna with us already as «the full member of the Russian Physical Society». Look at peculiar «tables» of our Society — the NAMELIST of Immortal honorary members of the Russian Physical Society! — In it more than fifty scientists, each of which — pride of the Russian and World Science! I emphasize: scientific discoveries of each of them — it is precious specification of the UNIVERSAL DOCTRINE OF VICTORIA PREOBRAZHENSKAYA — on the principles of natural philosophy and synthetic approach to search of Truth of the World. ...We will go together further. — On the Road of Infinity...»

(RODIONOV Vladimir Gennadevich, the full member and the founder of Russian

Physical Society, the president of the Russian Physical Society (since 1991),
the founder, the editor-in-chief and the publisher of the all-Russian (all-Union)
scientific magazines (since 1990): «The magazine of the Russian Physical thought» («ZhRFM» («MRPT»)),
on all branches of natural sciences, and also — the scientific, literary and art and socio-political
magazine «Russian Thought»).


Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

Catalog of the Chosen Pictorial Works

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Pictorial Works of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

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(On a cover Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya's picture is placed

«Mother, Who Giving Life and Creating Worlds».

Pictures of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya are followed by the Author's description).

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