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That's coming theend of year 2012.Let us thank life for all the good that was accomplished and for the bad things that had to happen, but by the WILL of the Great Mother of the World Sofia — Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — do not accomplishment, or pushed to the later one, that means on short period. Anyone who regularly reads «Victoria RA», or is a faithful follower, a student, an employee of the Mother of the World, is aware of what is happening on Earth. At full speed there is an ARMAGEDDON. Events written in the last book of the Bible «Revelation» are processed. And the fact, that all the signs of the «last time» – is available, probably sees everyone person who sighted spirituality. The dark prepared the final capture of the planet that is why they have declared, and publicize the date «December 21» as the date of the «end of the world». For to catch the earthlings by surprise and arrange artificial cataclysm, or terrorist attack a world scale, and then immediately bring to power the Antichrist and his «Number of the Beast». Generally such thing as a «the end of the world» in the spiritual world does not exist, because according to the «Science of Light and Its Transformation» Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, «Light — is the Absolute Spiritual Substance. Nature of Fohat (Light) — is eternal». And the dark can only make deenergization everywhere, i.e. outage. This may be the case, induced them cataclysm by installations HAARP, or due to the global terrorist attack, for example, the explosion of the neutron bomb in one of the countries is made by hands of the world government, which is headed by the Antichrist and the reptilians invaders of Earth in the person of his assistants Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, etc. The dark, themselves, in the case of cataclysm going to hide out in bunkers with all comforts and provisions. But, first, the karma law so will strike on dark (and everything who works for them) that it will be in for trouble where they tried to hide from trouble. And secondly, have involved forces of Reckoning, and all that are encroaching on the creation of God, or on the Holy Spirit of the Great Mother — will get a fair punishment, and will throw off the lower planetary systems, which will cease their existence in the next Manvantara. In any case, light souls — nothing to fear! Dark by their misdeeds only hasten the process of Spiritual TransfiguRAtion of the planet and TRANSFIGURATION in the UNIVERSE! For soon the Sixth RAce of humanity will enter into New Time to the New Earth (BOHEMA), flying in the New Heaven. As predicted in the scriptures of the world and the prophets foretelling, as in 1990 the Saviour phenomena on Earth — SOFIA-CHRISTOS HERALDED. About Her Phenomenon has also been predicted for centuries! Those, who are still awaiting the Second Coming of Christ — happy to meet the Antichrist. For dark already prepared his coming and want to elect a world-tyrant on the throne of a single ruler, fascinate humanity with virtual miracles. We've written repeatedly about the dark forces of virtual project «Blue Ray», by which a world government is going to make a hologram show in the sky showing the Antichrist as a «savior» to whole expanse the Earth's atmospheric space. And invaders want to fake «capture the Earth by aliens». But, the more we expose their predatory cunning plans — the more likely they completely ripped off! Let's do it together, and everywhere!

In recent months, Ukraine adopted a series of laws, opening the way to the Antichrist. These are the laws of a single registry of electronic money and electronic biometric passports. Once all this is working, will immediately set a precedent for implanting tags chip subcutaneously all living: and this is the «number of the Beast» of the Antichrist. And if up to 1993 in Rus adopted the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Who Came from the Supramundane Suria — to Protect the human race and to Save from spiritual death, today, the world was already New and Transformation, and plans of dark invaders would be scattered in the dust. But the dark deceived all and led away from the Only Way of Salvation for the disastrous path. Here the black karma laid down on the Slavic countries and, especially, to Ukraine because it is the Universe Center. In the spring of 1990 in Kiev Appeared Mother of the World, and in 1993, right here, in Kiev, on command handy dark forces Filaret and Kravchuk, She was locked up in prison for 1260 biblical days (see «Revelation»). And repeating the Path of 13 thousand years ago (the era of Leo) Mother of the Universe Isis, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS left prison with the Son of Horus and Lay the Foundation Sirian Intergalactic CultUre Mother of the World, Opened to mankind Way to Eternity! For there came the Epoch of Aquarius — The Era of Light and Holly Spirit of the Great Sophia!

So many signs and presages were given to mankind, and especially the Slavs about the Phenomena of the Mother of the World — Second Coming of CHRIST. But not all were able to perceive it and know.... And now, the world stood on the threshold of end in 2012, on the eve of Christmas, the birth of a new Sun in the Sky... Accomplished or not accomplished black design of Evil forces? The small group of planetary swindlers thirsts to revel in blood human and to declare the power of Antichrist — the Prince of Darkness. Mother of the World, they hate and fear her Strength, Will and Power! They fear Her Eternal Kingdom! And it will serves them right! For all the world's evil deed, for the substitution of Spiritual Values in the World, for the persecution of the Saints and expulsion of the Great Goddess-Mother — they all will be forgotten and will be driven away to a black hole! Let It will Be So! The planet will soon Breathe, Clean, having passed through a gate of fire light, accomplish a quantum jump, will rejoice! And a New Tribe is Coming! 144,000 in White Clothes of Holiness and Purity will rise round the Unified Creator the Universe Sofia Eternal, glorify Her New Name, as promised by Jesus Christos: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Maria — Army, Mother of the Aryans; DEVI — Derzhavnaya (Majestic) Egida (Aegis) Vsederzhitelnitsya (Almighty) Isida (Isis), Goddess (Траектория движения Земли по ленте Мёбиуса (на Вселенском Кресте) 1-9 level of consciousness), CHRISTOS: CHR-HR —X — female chromosome of Russia, Chorus (Sun-Son), Is-Isis (Mother) —   the key of life unity of two beginnings, Os — Osiris (Father). CHR-ST — Solstice! CHRISTOS – «Woman Clothed with the Sun». SOTSIRH – Sothis-Sophia, Sirius — Homeland of Surya Horus, Isis and Osiris. This is the Cosmic Sacred meaning of the New Name Sophia-Savior. Earthlings, even if you will have to go through testing, extreme difficulty, let the Absolute Energy of the Mother of Light Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Light you! Addressing to Mother Protector by Name, calling Her Will, pronouncing Prayer of Light, you will find yourself in the Light! And no darkness will overcome you!

                        THE LIGHT PRAYER

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Let will be Light!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Send me Light!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Protect me with Thy Light!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, Defeat Darkness with Thy Light!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, I am filling with Thy Divine Spirit!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, I am filling with Thy Supreme Light!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, I am filling with Thy Self!

Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, I am radiating Light!

By the Name of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Light is Created!

By the Name of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Light Flows!

By the Name of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Light Defeats Darkness!

By the Name of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Light Repulses Darkness!

Let there Be LIGHT! LOVE! GOOD! Let's glorify, the Great Mother of the World, Which Come to RESCUE the Earth from trouble! Glory to You, Homeland-Mother, Savior, Protector, Merciful of the merciful, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Let Coming Thy Kingdom of Light in all Worlds and Spaces! URA! AUM RA!

With Love your Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya  


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