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The Biography of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya

«Cosmic Polyart is like a many-sided crystal, each side of which radiates its own chromaticity and vibration, but, as a whole, represents a solid stream of spiritual light which revitalizes the Human soul and opens up the Fine, Unexplored, Higher Plans of the Universal Cosmic Reality!»

(Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya)

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — is the famous artist, poetess, writer, theosophist, composer, musician, scientist, the creator of new Intergalactic CultUre of Golden Age — «The Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium»© and «The Theatre of Mystery of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya», the only Woman-TheoSophist in Ukraine and Russia, Her Name is next after E.P. Blavatskaya and E.I. Roerich. She — is a Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Theosophy, full professor, Academician NPAS, she is the Diplomant of the International competition «Modern aspects of theology» (UNESCO) of 2013 for unique Author's development «The SacRAl Book of Isis» and «The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World», and also for active participation in the International Programs in the direction of spirituality, mercy and a sustainable development of ethnic groups; V.PreobRAzhenskaya is the Laureate of the International Competition «Modern theoretical and methodological aspects of the conservation of the gene pool of humanity» (UNESCO-UNICEF) in 2013 for the development and authoring International Program «The Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»©, the Laureate of the International competition Programme «Health of the Humanity» (UNESCO-UNICEF) for the introduction of a unique Author's development of the «Science of Light and Its Transformation»  as well as for outstanding contribution to the International Projects of Conservation of the Gene pool of Humanity  (UNESCO, the UN Global Compact). She founded «The Cosmic Poliart of the Third Millennium»© — it is a multidimensional, multigenre Art, that underline High Spirituality and Beauty.

V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya was born in Donetsk. She is a member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR, a member of the International Art Fund, a member of the Creative union of Professional artists of Russia, a member of Kievan Charitable Art-association «Golden Palette».

In 1986 She graduated from T.G. Shevchenko Kiev State University, journalism faculty. After studies She worked in Donetsk on radio and in a press. She was a member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR. In 1989 She was selected the deputy of regional council in Leninsk district of Donetsk from the democratic block of the union of voters. She was known for the publications in the local press, exposing party-apparatus and corruption.

On April, 11th, 1990, during operation, doctors fix her death. The condition of physiological death (don’t confuse with clinical) proceeds 3,5 hours, per which time, Her Soul Ascends to the Spiritual Plan where there is a Birth from Above Unissencety Mother of the World — Sofia Divine Wisdom — with the New Name: Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

After 3,5 hours the Two-uniform Soul of Mother of the World comes back in a lifeless body. Her first words were: «I am a Messiah!».

Maria DEVI CHRISTOS leaves political and professional work and there leaves to Kiev where opens Herself as Mother the World, the Messiah of the Epoch of Aquarius. She Launches The Divine-Space Program USMALOS, which purpose — Rescue of a planet the Earth and the Universe and person Transformation, transition in the New Time coil: 6th Race. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS Bases the Award Devoted the Great White Brotherhood USMALOS.

March 7, 1991 in Kiev, there is a registration of religious Communities, «the Great White Brotherhood» at the International Institute of Soul «Atma», headed by Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

Spiritual sermons, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS spent on the streets and squares of Kiev and other cities in the USSR, led to rapid increase in the number of Great White Brotherhood. In Her sermons, Mother of the World opened to people the Cosmic Knowledge, prophesied the coming of the TRAnsformation of the Earth, and told people the True Spiritual Path in the Future. A special place in the sermons of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS took the exposure of the «Beast» and its black servant of KGB, secret plans of world government to enslave mankind through the total chipping, with which to manage the consciousness of earthlings. People attentively listened to Her prophecies about the coming time of the Apocalypse both forthcoming troubles and cataclysms which will follow if earthlings reject Mother of the World — the Messiah of the Aquarian Age. Thousand people have left everything and followed Mother of the World on the Path Service Light. In 1991 She with Spiritual Mission visits India, Yugoslavia, Egypt, and Palestine where Preaches and Educates people searching for true.

All of this seriously disturbed backstage puppeteers, who prepared the evil plan of globalization, the enslavement of humanity and total destruction of the Slavs. To combat the recalcitrant Order of Initiates — the Great White Brotherhood USMALOS, which headed by the Mistress of Light Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in Person, were mobilized everything: from special services and officials — to journalists and orthodox ministers.

February 19, 1992 Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, accompanied by several disciples, left Ukraine and the wandering preacher has passed through Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland where Herself Doctrine preached.

In early 1992, when in mass-media is already in full swing to discredit of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and Her followers, the operation on destroy of the Great White Brotherhood began by special services of Ukraine, which they did not manage to take control. Unlawful detention preachers of Brotherhood were held by police and security services, has been withdrawn Spiritual Literature and estate communities, and bugged their apartment telephones, shadowing was conducted and provocations were arranged. All newspapers, radio and television channels were filled with horror stories about «self-burning», «gone children», «doomsday» etc.

On April, 1st 1992 concerning Maria DEVI CHRISTOS the criminal case fabricated by special services was accepted to manufacture.

Tragically events in Kiev in the autumn of 1993 became apogee of persecutions. The authorities of Ukraine have widely extended misinformation about the Great White Brotherhood: about ostensibly preparing «self-burning». Practically all mass-media of the former USSR worked on creation of this myth. The brotherhood, not having access to mass-media, extended the newspapers, many cities in Ukraine and in Russia have been pasted over by leaflets where it was informed, that Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS — the Savior and the Messiah. In leaflets the Brotherhood called people for a repentance and acceptance of the Rescuer, not to accept «mark of the Beast 666» which will be implemented everywhere. Warned about introduction of the global control over consciousness of people by means of chips implanted in a body, under the pretext of uniform system of identification of the person.

In the autumn of 1993 Maria DEVI CHRISTOS secretly comes back to Ukraine. When She learned, that J.Krivonogov, who considered himself a “prophet” Mother of the World, against Her will called all Brothers in Kiev and set a date for «Last Judgment» on November 24th, 1993, Maria DEVI CHRISTOS goes out to Her followers in the last day of the Decade of Penance on November 10th, 1993, thereby destroying the entire scenario Krivonogov, who insisted on his «prophesy».

November 10th, 1993 Maria DEVI CHRISTOS and two ten usmalian entered for tickets in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, which is the State Museum, where Maria DEVI CHRISTOS asked them to preach. During the sermon, the officer of MIA of Ukraine burst into the Cathedral, reinforced by riot police «Berkut», which produced, accompanied by severe beatings, detention Mother of the World and believers.

The society deceived by extended lie, in the majority, did not protest against reprisals concerning believing in Mother of the World, widely developed on streets of Kiev and all Ukraine. . Tortured in prisons and detention centers usmalians mass-media represented not as victims of an arbitrariness of the authorities suffering for the beliefs, and as religious fanatics whom bodies of the MIA ostensibly «rescue» from «self-burning». But the subsequent events have shown that not only anybody from White Brothers was not going to make any suicides, but such is not present and never there was in Doctrine by Maria DEVI CHRISTOS! Nevertheless, the authorities of Ukraine from a society have hidden it, continuing all these years to duplicate a forgery about «self-burnings» and other fables about Maria DEVI CHRISTOS. As a result of this deception Mother of the World slandered, and Her White Troops ranked to so-called «totalitarian sects».

By this time, in the Ukraine were detained by police, according to various estimates, from 3 to 12 thousand followers of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, who dithered in Kiev from Ukraine and other countries: Russia, Bulgaria, and Czechoslovakia… The number of detainees was so great that they were filled with all remands and detention centers in Kiev and regions, and the White Brothers had deliver in covered wagons on the detention centers of all Ukraine. In protest, White Brothers declared a hunger strike. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS of detention has also announced a hunger strike and starved until they have released all of Her followers. By the end of November all arrested persons have been released, except Mother of the World and J.Krivonogov. Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in detention facility of Security services of Ukraine for 10 month was exposed 10 months to influence Spetspribor and rejected all offers: «…refuse on Her own behalf, and we will free you the same day».

Soon, Krivonogov has drooped and has ceased to resemble «prophet» of Mother of the World, and Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, on the contrary, worthy survived all tests (including a press of 12 cameras jail of Lukjanovsk and the heaviest Dneprodzerzhinsk zone).

May 15, 1994 Mother of the World robbed deprived of J. Krivonogov of a holy order and excluded from Program USMALOS as a traitor and provocateur. Later, in 2000, Krivonogov made a statement that he has no «prophet» that all his «prophecy» — mistake, and he repents of his wrong predictions. Also he asked to forgive him for having involuntarily become originator of imprisonment of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS.

In 1995, the investigation was completed, and on the «Prisoner of Conscience» as the human rights independent from Western grants called Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, began custom trial, which lasted 9 month.

On August, 13th, 1997 Maria DEVI CHRISTOS was released. In the end of 1997 Management of the Supreme Commissariat of the United Nations for human rights has directed to the government of Ukraine the Note in which it was spoken:

«...about seven years the government of Ukraine struggles with followers of the International Church the Great White Brotherhood... They discredit them in mass media, their beliefs appear unlawful. Namely, due to false charges were sentenced to prison the Spiritual Teacher of the Great White Brotherhood Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, etc».

In the Note stresses that the message of human rights violations in Ukraine will be included I a confidential list of communications to be addressed by the Commission of human rights and the UN Sub-Commission on prevention of discrimination ad protection of minorities under the «1503 procedure» for dealing with situations that may indicate the presence of systematic human rights violations. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has addressed to Committee on affairs of religions of Ukraine with the request to prepare the given reason answer on this question for its transfer to the United Nations Center for human rights, but prosecutions and persecution of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS in mass-media have not stopped.

After Her release, Mother of the World actively continued Her Spiritual Activity.

All attempts to re-register officially the Great White Brotherhood USMALOS encountered the opposition of the authorities of Ukraine.

In 2005 Maria DEVI CHRISTOS (Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya) is the first in history based multilevel «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium» on the basis of synthesis of the Spiritual Painting, Drawing, Poetry, Music, Spontaneous Dance, Mysterial theatrics Art on purpose to finish formation Supramundane of CultUre of Mother of the World which becomes the base of future 6th RAce of the Transformation humanity of a planet.

Виктория ПреобРАженская

«Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium» Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is a multidimensional Siriusian CultUre of Mother of the World, the Universal Doctrine about the Absolute and the Universe, Makro- and Microcosm, Universal Outlook for the Transformation humanity, Absolute Omniscience, SacRAl Knowledge of Sofia (Sothis) Divine Wisdom, the Spiritual «Science about Light and Its Transformation» of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS, the Way to Eternity and immortality. «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium» includes following directions: spontaneous Cosmic Dance, Spiritual Painting and a drawing, spontaneous Space Music, SacRAl Poetry, the Mystical Song, Mysterial scenic action: «Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya».

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya has created «Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya».

Виктория ПреобРАженская

«I revived the most ancient Mysterial Art — «Theatre of Mysteries». In a basis of «Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya» laid the Cult of Great Mother Isis, Who has ten thousand Names. This is Multidimensional Theatre of Spirit of Great Feminity, Quintessence of «Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium»».

(Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya).

Art exhibitions are held since 2005, during this time has been more than 100 different exhibitions of in different cities and countries. Her artworks are in private galleries and museums of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kiev, London, Israel, Germany, Canada etc.

In 2006 She became a member of the International Art Fund.

In 2008 She became a member of the Creative Union of Professional artists (Russia). In 2012 She became a member of the Kiev charity Art-association «Golden Palette» (Ukraine).

Known magazines, newspapers, solid catalogues print reproductions of pictures of V. PreobRAzhenskaya, article about many-sided Creativity of the Artist. Creativity of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya receives an appreciation among the Moscow and Petersburg critics.

V. PreobRAzhenskaya — not only the musician and the composer, but also the executor own products. From 1999 to 2014 She has recorded 30  Author's music albums.

She is an Author and performer of the unique musical composition «Hymn of Ukraine-Rus».

The Creative Workshop of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya is created and functions where V. PreobRAzhenskaya conducts seminar employment and master classes of Spiritual Creativity.

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — is a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology. The scientific activity of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya aimed at the conclusion of mankind from the patriarchal impasse.

In Russia also in abroad published Scientifically-Theosophy, Poetic and Literary works and books, Musical albums, catalogues and posters of picturesque Works of Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya. V. PreobRAzhenskaya has gratitude for The Creative Activity of public organizations, embassies and admirers of her multi-faceted Art in many countries of the world.

In 2008, V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya has been awarded a public award — the Mariinsky Symbol of Distinction of II degree. The Mariinsky Symbol of Distinction of II degree was founded by the Council of public awards of the Russian Heraldic chamber, as a public award for women who have made considerable professional achievements and admirably combine their activities with female charm, grace, and aspiration to Harmony and Creativity. And in 2013 — for outstanding achievement in the field of theology, as well as active participation in the UNESCO International Programme for the direction of spirituality, charity and sustainable development of ethnic groups, was awarded by Ertsgamma Symbol.


In 2013, V. PreobRAzhenskaya defended thesis on «The Science of Light and Its Transformation» and was awarded the scientific degree Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and TheoSophy.

In 2014, for the technologies of effective management She was awarded the International Areopagus Arts Apollon Certificate with handing of gold мedal.

In 2014 Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya became a full member of the Russian Physical Society.

In 2014, Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya became an academician Noospheric Public Academy of Sciences.

In 2016, Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya Laureate of the VII International competition «In the name of peace on Earth».

The basis of Her multi-genre Creativity is Supramundane Truth about the Great Mother of the World — Sofia Divine Wisdom (Sothis), Universal Harmony of Two Great Origins: Male and Female, Spirit and Matter, Terrestrial and Celestial; and Sacral roots of Indivisible White RAce — Siriusian (Surijsky) Intergalactic CultUre.

Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Maria DEVI CHRISTOS) at various times — the editor and the publisher of newspapers and magazines «АТМА», «USMALOS», «CultUre», «Victoria RА».

The author of books: «The Science of Light and Its Transformation», «Scientific Theosophical Works», «The Last Testament of The Maria DEVI CHRISTOS», «The SacRAl Book of Isis», «the Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World», «The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya», «Divine Effusion», «I am LOVE!», «In the Desert», «Phenomenon», «In the Slaughter», «the Heavenly Prisoner», «Light in Darkness», «Burden of the Wife», «Divine Coition», «The Unity», «Secret of Light», «Sofis», «the Song of Nice Russia», «Light Language», «the Planet Egypt», «Tower RА», «the Poem about Atlantis», «Balmont's Memory», «Breath of Orion», «Waiting», «Sirius-Suria», «Last Supper», «The Creatress», «Light City», «Kollagia», «Light of Sophia», «Circle of Light», «Bell of the Universe», «ARMAGEDDON», Poem «Sophia-the Queen», «Grail of Sophia», «Prophecies of the Mother of the World about Russia, the label of «Beast», Transformation», «Solar MitRA», «Ode to Light of RA», «SophioLogy of Mother of the World».

«The Word about Beauty» of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya.

She is an author of numerous articles and exhibitions.

                    Personal Exhibitions:
2005 — «Planet of Joy» — Exhibition Gallery «Creativity» (Moscow).
2005 — «Planet of Joy» — «Quad-Art» gallery, pavilion №68 «Armenia», All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Moscow).
2005 — «Metagalaxy» — «Heritage» gallery, Fund of Culture (Saint Petersburg).
2005 — «Sacral of Russia» — Cultural-Exhibition Hall dedicated to Protection of Architectural Memorials of History and Culture (Naswekin House) (Moscow).
2006 — «Love is a Miracle Country» — Exhibition Gallery «Creativity» (Moscow).
2006 — «Enchanting Distance» — A.S. Pushkin State Museum (Moscow).
2006 — Music and poetry evening «The Formula of Light» — A.P. Bogolubov exhibition gallery (Moscow).
2006 — «Sphere RA» — exhibition hall of A.P. Bogolubov Library.
2007 — «Sunny RA-Light» — Anna Ahmatova's state literary-memorial museum in the Fountain house (Saint Petersburg).
2007 — «House of the Sun-RA» — The Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Moscow.
2007 — «Sunny RA-Light» — All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Moscow).
2008 — «The Boat of Millions of Years» — Russian-German House (Moscow).
2008 — The dramatized music and poetry evening «Оh, Woman!» — All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Moscow).
2008 — The dramatized musical-poetic evening «Oh, Woman!» — Conference hall, Manezh Moscow State Exhibition Hall (Moscow).
2008 — «The Boat of Millions of Years» — Government Hall of Leningradskiy region «Smolniy» (Saint Petersburg).
2008 — «The Boat of Millions of Years» — State Viborgskiy Castle (Viborg).
2008 — The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Performance «The Country of Light» (Cosmic Legend) — The central house of the journalist (Moscow).
2009 — «Country of Light» — Exhibition Hall «Creativity» at the Taganka (Moscow).
2009 — The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Mystery «Zep Tepy (First Time)» — (Moscow).
2009 — «House of the Sun RA» (Moscow).
2009 — «House of the Sun RA» — Cultural Center «Wave» (Great Novgorod).
2009 — The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Mystery «Zep Tepy (First Time)» — (Moscow).
2009 — «SacRAl Book of ISIS» — creative evening of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Moscow).
2010 — The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Mystery «Wife of ORION» (Premiere of a Mystery) — (Moscow).
2010 — «Epoch of Aquarius — the Epoch of Femininity» — creative evening of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Moscow).
2010 — «The Boat of Millions of Years» (Bulgaria, Sophia).
2010 — «The Boat of Millions of Years» — The International Art Fund (Moscow).
2011 — «Sirius-Surya» — The State museum of the history of literature, art and culture of Altay (Barnaul).
2012 — «Mistress of the Copper Mountain» — The State Museum of Applied Art «Gamayun» (Ekaterinburg).
2012 — «Mistress of the Copper Mountain» — Center for information, education and entertainment «The City» (Barnaul).
2012 — Exhibition of paintings by Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya in Youth and Information Center of Bashunov «Open Sky» (Barnaul).
2012 — Exhibition Hall «Old Arbat» (Moscow).
2012 — «Breath of Light» — gallery «Sofiyskaya» (Kiev).
2012 — «Breath of Light» — Gallery of International Art Fund (Moscow).
2012 — «Temple of Light» — Perm State Regional Universal Library of AM. Gorkiy (Perm).
2012 — «The Phenomenon of the Light » — Exhibition Centre of St. Petersburg Union of Artists (St. Petersburg).
2012 — «Temple of Light» — Exhibition Hall of the House of architects (Dnepropetrovsk).
2012 — «Light RA» — Exhibition Hall of the House actor National Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine (Kiev).
2012 — «In the Light overtone» — gallery «Impress Art» (Moscow).
2013 — «Lights Surya» — «House of the Architect» (Cherkassy).
2013 — «Light RA» — Exhibition Hall «Khodynka» (Moscow).
2013 — «Temple of Light» — gallery «Sofiyskaya» (Kiev).
2013 — «The light of Surya-Rus» — Art gallery «Victoria RA» (Dnepropetrovsk).
2013 — «My Rus-Surya» — Exhibition Hall «Vanguard» (Moscow).
2013 — «In the measurement of Light» — Exhibition Hall of the House actor of the National Union of theatrical figures of Ukraine (Kiev).
2013 — «Sirius Surya» — Department of Arts RUSL Timirjazeva (Vinnitsa).
2013 — Library of Dnipropetrovsk National University O.Gonchara (Dnepropetrovsk).
2013 — «Oasis of Light» — Faculty of Sociology and Law of NTUU «KPI» (Kiev).
2013 — «My Sacred Russia» — Exhibition Hall «Books and Graphics Center» (St. Petersburg).
2013 — «Breath of Light» — Exhibition Hall TC «Arcadia» in Art. center «Art Corridor» (Kiev).
2013 — «The Sun of Russia» — Exhibition Center Artists' Union (Saint-Petersburg).
2013 — «The Castle of Happiness» — Exhibition Hall of the House of architect (Dnepropetrovsk).
2013 — Art gallery «Oranta» (Kiev).
2013 — Art gallery «Shine RA» — (St. Petersburg).
2014 — Art gallery «Oranta» (Kiev).
2014 — «Breath of Light» — Exhibition of Painting of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya (Krasnoyarsk).
2014 — Art gallery «Shine of RA» (St. Petersburg).
2014 — Center of a Book and Graphic (St. Petersburg).
2014-15 — exhibition of the Painting of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya — gallery of International Art Fund (Moscow), more >>.
2015 — Art gallery «Shine of RA» (St. Petersburg).
2015 — Art gallery «Sophia» (St. Petersburg).
2015 — «Academy of a healthy lifestyle of Vasily Skakun» (Stavropol).
2016 — The mobile Exhibition «My Native Country is Wide!» (Irkutsk, Arshan, Abakan, Barnaul, Kungur, Perm)
2017 — The exhibition «Primary Russia» (Ulyanovsk)
2017 — Exhibition «RA Light» (Ulyanovsk)

                    Collective Exhibitions:
2006 — Exhibition-sale of pictures of modern art «ARTINDEX. ART of Petersburg. DEMOVERSION*06», taking place within the framework of a presentation of the demonstration version of the new catalog-directory «Artists» — the edition including works by artists participating in the project «ARTINDEX».
2006 — «International Exhibition of Mystic Arts» (England, London).
2007 — «Exhibition-sale of paintings and drawings of Moscow artists. Gallery of summer images» (Exhibition Gallery «Creativity» Moscow).
2008 — Moscow Second International Festival of Arts «Traditions and Modernism» (Manezh Moscow State Exhibition Hall, Moscow) photosession.
2008 — Exhibition-Sale «Spring Expromt 2» (International Fund of Slavonic Writings and Culture, Moscow).
2008 — First International Salon of Arts «The Path of Unity» (The Central House of the Artist on Krimskiy Val, Moscow).
2009 — Exhibition of the Creative Alliance of Professional Artists (Exhibition Gallery «Creativity», Moscow). more (russian) >>
2009 — «8th March-The Magic of Symbols». (Showroom of the Library of Ukrainian literature, Moscow).
2009 — Exhibition «Creativity of our contemporaries — a merry life» (All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Pavilion Culture, Moscow). more (russian) >>
2009 — «Atlantis — a symbol of the lost ancestral home of humankind». (The M.V.Frunze Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Moscow). more (russian) >>, photosession >>
2009 — Traditional Exhibition «Autumn meetings» of the Creative Alliance of Professional Artists (Exhibition Gallery «Creativity», Moscow). more (russian) >>
2010 — Exhibition «Madonna ХХI century» (All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Museum of International Friendship, Moscow).
2010 — International Art-project «Solstice 4. New view» (Bulgarian Cultural-information center, Moscow).more (russian) >>, photosession >>, photosession2 >>
2011 — Exhibition «Breath of Spring — The Image of Women» (Domjour, Moscow).
2011 — Exhibition Artproekt «Palette» (Domjour, Moscow).
2012 —  Gallery of the Creative Union of Professional Artists (exhibition hall «Creation» at the Taganka, Moscow).
2012 — «Salon of the author Fashion» State Museum humanitarian center «Overcoming» of N.A. Ostrovsky (Moscow).
2012 — International exhibition-competition of contemporary art «Ukrainian Art Week» (UKRAINIAN ART WEEK) —  House of Artists (Kiev), more >>.
2012 — VIII Kiev International Book Fair. Ukrainian House (Kiev), more >>.
2012 — VII Cypriot-Russian festival. Art Exhibition «The Russians of Cyprus, Cypriots of Russia» (Limassol, Cyprus), more >>.
2012 —  Sixth Moscow International Art Festival «Traditions and Modernity» (central exhibition hall «Manezh», Moscow).
2012 — «ART GALLERY Santa Teresa Fano» (Fano, Italy), more >>.
2012 — An exhibition of the academic and contemporary Ukrainian art from the Art Association «Golden Palette». National Complex «Ekspotsentr Ukraine» (Kiev).
2012 —   International Exhibition of Italian and Ukrainian artists — «Gallery on the Peter» (Kiev).
2012 — VI International exhibition-competition of contemporary art «Ukrainian Art Week» (UKRAINIAN ART WEEK) —  Artist House (Kiev).
2012 — XII International exhibition-competition of contemporary art «RUSSIAN ART WEEK» — Center of Contemporary Art «M'ARS» (Moscow).
2012 — Exhibition of Ukrainian art of the Association of Art «Golden Palette».  City Museum «Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine» (Kiev).
2013 — Expocentre of Vinnitsa Commercial and industrial Chamber, art exhibition «ART GALERA» (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), more >>.
2013 — VII International exhibition-competition of contemporary art «Ukrainian Art Week» (UKRAINIAN ART WEEK) spring season 2013 — House of Artists (Kiev) more >>.
2013 —   The fair of folk creativity — opera thatre HATOB (Kharkov).
2013 — «Fair masters» — National Complex «Expocentre of Ukraine» (Exhibition Center, Kiev).
2013 — IX Kiev International Book Fair. Ukrainian House (Kiev), more >>.
2013 — «Days of Slavic Art in Berlin» — Russian House of Science and Culture (Berlin).
2013 — «Kievan Autumn — 2013 in VDNH» — National Complex «Expocentre of Ukraine» (Exhibition Center, Kiev).
2014 — The fair of national creativity ART Association «Golden Palette» — Commercial and industrial Chamber (Kiev).
2015 — Art Project «Palette of the World». DomZhur (Moscow).
2015 — «In memoriam of N.A. Kornilov», Art Project «Palette». DomZhur (Moscow).
2014-2015 — «Flora and Fauna», gallery of International Arts Foundation (Moscow), more >>.
2015 — Exhibition at the library of Ukrainian Literature (Moscow), more >>.
2015 — Exhibition at the Cultural Center «House-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva» (Moscow), more >>.
2015 — «With love to Tsvetaeva». CUPA exhibition, within the museum project «Days of Memory of the Poet» House-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva (Moscow), more >>.
2015 — Exhibition-Fair «World of Woman». House of Artist (Moscow), more >>.
2015 — Interregional exhibition-fair «City of Masters». Exhibition hall CSTI (Penza), more >>.
2015 — art fair «ArtExpoSPb 2015». The exhibition center «LenExpo» (St. Petersburg), more >>.
2015 — Exhibition IEC «Crocus Expo» (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — 23th New Year`s painting exhibition in the art gallery «5 HOUSE» Zhukovsky (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Art Project «The palette of the World». DomJour (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Art Project «The Palette of the World», the exhibition «Spring palette». DomJour (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Exhibition «Moscow. Fantasies. Spring». Ukrainian Literature Library (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — The exhibition «The Melody of White Color» art gallery «5 HOUSE» Zhukovskiy (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Exhibition in the «Art Gallery of Fishes» (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Exhibition at the «Beregynya». Moscow House of Nationalities (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Open Festival of Music and flora «Singing wind in the Garden of peonies» (Mountain Altai), more >>.
2016 — Exhibition «Beauty of my Homeland» (Old Kupavna, Moscow region), more >>.
2016 — Exhibition «Alley of Fantasy» DomJour (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — Exhibition of painting and photo «About Russia and Moscow». The Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Moscow), more >>.
2016 — III International Festival «Altai — the traditions and glory» (Mountain Altai)
2016 — Anniversary fifth international Festival «Manzherok — a summer curtain» (Mountain Altai)
2016 — Annual bard festival «STOVES» (Mountain Altai)
2016 — 12 Inter-regional Exhibition-fair «City of Masters» (Penza)
2016 — Inter-regional universal exhibition «Sursk Fair» (Penza)
2016 — International Festival – «ARTMASS Championship» (Penza)
2016 — The mobile exhibition «Music of the Soul» (Perm)
2016 — Art-Exhibition «From Christmas to Christmas» International Association «The Union of Designers» (Moscow)
2016 — Christmas exhibition. Art gallery «Dresden» (Moscow)
2017 — The traveling exhibition «My sweet home you stored», exhibition hall of public information Center of Kalinin nuclear plant (Udomlya, Tver region)
2017 — Round table «Say a Word about russian literature!» Altai regional universal scientific library named V.Y. Shishkov (Barnaul)
2017 — The creative meeting-concert «Spring thaw», the library named after. S.G. Aksakov (Ulyanovsk)
2017 — The second traveling exhibition of paintings «My home, you are kept». Cultural center of 154 Separate commandant’s Preobrazhensky’s regiment in Lefortovo (Moscow)
2017 — Exhibition «Woman and Flowers», gallery «On Novinsky» (Moscow)
2017 — International exhibition-competition «Art-Geography | Art Geo Award», International exhibition-competition of portrait art «Art portrait». House of Artists (Moscow)
2017 — Exhibition «Man and Ecology», International Art Fund (Moscow, Sarov)
2017 — XXII International exhibition-competition of the modern art «Russian Art Week» (Moscow)
2017 — The International exhibition of the modern art «Art Week in China» (Beijing)
2017 — The Exhibition dedicated to the 25th year Anniversary of the 2International Art Fund» (Moscow)
2017 — All-Russian exhibition-competition «Vladimir Art Week» (Vladimir)
2017 — Exhibition of Artists: «This is symbolic» (Moscow)
2017 — Art exhibition: «Slavic ornament: an epic pattern». The Gallery «Izmailovo», (Moscow)
2017 — All-Russian mobile exhibition and the International art-project «Lipetsk Week of Arts» (Lipetsk)
2017 — International exhibition-contest of contemporary art «St. Petersburg Art Week» (St. Petersburg)
2017 — Exhibition of space painting: «Starry sky above us» in the exhibition hall «Tushino» (Moscow)
2017 — Exhibition: «My love, green color» in the exhibition hall «Tushino» on the «Movement of the Earth» project by the Creative Union of Professional Artists (Moscow)
2017 — Exhibition in the private Gallery of Pierre Cardin as part of the «Art Week in France» (Lacoste, France)
2017 — Exhibition: «Vernissage of the International Creative Assembly in Meridian», the Center of Culture and Art «Meridian» (Moscow)
2017 — The 11th international exhibition: «Stylish Home». (Stylish Home. Objects & Tableware), International Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo» (Moscow)
2017 — Exhibition: «The World through eyes of an artist», art gallery «Dresden» (Moscow)

                    Catalogue Publications:
2006 — Collection «Catalogue-Directory ARTINDEX», Artists 05, issue III.
2007 — «Art of Russia», Russian art guide 2007. ScanRus Publishing House.
2007 — «Names in Russian Art» painting, graphics, sculptures, arts and crafts «ISOGRAF».
2007 — Federal program «Women of Great Russia», Catalogue «Women of Moscow 2007». «Kisler Company». Publishing House.
2008 — «Art of Russia», Russian art guide 2008. «M-ScanruS». Publishing House.
2008 — Official catalogue of the Second Official Festival of Arts «Traditions and Modernism».
2009 — Official Catalogue of the First International Salon of Arts «The Path of Unity» (Central Art House on Krimskiy Val, Moscow).
2010 — Official Catalogue of the Creative Alliance of Professional Artists — 2010 (Painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts, art-photo. Moscow).
2010 — Catalogue of the International Art Project «Solstice 4. New View» — 2010 (The Bulgarian Cultural Institute. Moscow).
2011 — «Art of Russia», Russian art guide 2011. «M-ScanruS». Publishing House.
2012 — «Russians of Cyprus, Cypriots of Russia» Fund «Russian World».
2013 — «The Art of Russia», № 12, 2013. Russian art guide in 2013. Publisher «M.SKANRUS», more >>.
2013 — «The Art of Russia», №14; 2015. Russian art guide 2015. Publisher «M.SKANRUS», more >>.
2016 — «In the name of peace on Earth», the third book; 2016, publishing program of Charity fund «Slavic tradition», more >>.

                    Books of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya
1992 —   «The Science of Light and Its Transformation»
2005 —   «Scientific Theosophical Works»
2000 —   «The Last Testament of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS»
2011 —   «The SacRAl Book of Isis»
2011 —   «The Terrestrial Way of the Mother of the World»
2011 —   «The Theatre of Mysteries of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2005 —   «Divine Effusion»
2012 —   «Sophia-Maria»
1991 —   «I Am LOVE!»
1992 —   «In the Desert»
1993 —   «Phenomenon»
1993-94 — «In the Slaughter»
1994-95 — «the Heavenly Prisoner»
1995-96 — «Light in Darkness»
1996-97 — «Burden of the Wife»
1998-99 — «Divine Coition»
2000 —   «The Unity»
2001 —   «Secret of Light»
2002 — «Sofis»
2003-04 — «The Song of Nice Russia»
2005 —   «Light Language»
2006 —   «The Planet Egypt»
2007 —   «Tower RА»
2009 —   «The Poem about Atlantis»
2009 —   «Balmont's Memory»
2009 —   «Breath of Orion»
2010 —   «Sirius-Suria»
2010 —   «Last Supper»
2011 —   «Waiting»
2012 —   «The Creatress»
2012 —   «Light City»
2012 —   «The Call»
2013 —   «Interview with Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2013 —   «The Science of Light and Its Transformation», second edition (supplemented)
2013 —   «Kollagia»
2014 —   «Light of Sophia»
2014 —   «Circle of Light»
2014 —   «Bell of the Universe»
2014 —   «ARMAGEDDON»
2014 —   «Encyclopedia of Russian Thought». Volume 22 (312 p.) Сollection of Scientific Works
2014 —   «Traditional and new in modern science». TheoSophical View (Report on VI World Scientific Congress). — SPb.: CultUre, 2014
2014 —   «The Terrestrial Way of Mother of the World» 2nd edition, enlarged.
2014 —   Poem «Sophia-the Queen»
2015 —   Collection of picture cards «Phenomenon»
2015 —   «Grail of Sophia»
2016 —   «Prophecies of the Mother of the World about Russia, the label of «Beast», Transformation»
2016 —   Poetry Collection «Solar MitRA»
2017 —   Poetry Collection «Ode to Light of RA»
2017 —   «SophioLogy of Mother of the World»

                    Magazines, spiritual newspapers:
1990-93 — «Atma»
1995-2003 — «USMALOS»
2004-05 — «KultURA»
2011-14 — «Victoria RA»

                    Scientific-Theosophical Works of
                    Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya:
                    Basic Formulas
1992 — «The nature of Fohat»
1992 — «Cabbalistic aspect of the Cosmic Program USMALOS»
1992 — «The Fiery World»
1992 — «About Fire»
1992 — «Devouring egregor»
1992 — «Worlds sounding»
1992 — «About the Candle»
1992 — «Fohatisation»
1992 — «Ezoterizm of Cross. Cosmos»
1992 — «The Cross of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS»
1992 — «The world of Satan (Antigod)»
1992 — «Heavenly Paradise (The Kingdom of Light)»
1992 — «Transformed Human of Earth. Logos»
1992 — «Device of the Divine World»
1992 — «Earthly and Heavenly Form of the Mother of Light»
1992 — «The Energy PyRAmid»
1992 — «Moon and Sun»
1992 — «The Soul (Paramatma)»
1992 — «Life after Life (about biodeath)»
1992 — «The diagnostic of Soul and body on the aura»

                    Divine Theosophy
1992 — «The Word about the Book of Life»
1992 — «The Transformation of Worlds»
1992 — «Flight. Transformation»
1994 —  «THE LIFE (The Secret Doctrine for My Chosen)»
1995 — «A Human»
1995 — «The Mother of Light»
1995 — «Cabbalistic aspect of the Program USMALOS (Theosophy. Cabbala)»
1996 — «The PaRAdise of My LOVE (New Heaven)»
1996 — «Treatise on the LOVE (Theosophy. Esotericism)»
1996 — «Theosophical Astrology»
1996 — «Theosophy. Cabbala»
1996 — «Cabbala»
1996 — «The Fundamental Cosmic Laws of Eternal Life of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS»
1999 — «Cabbala of the Mother of the World»
1999 — «Esoteric Making the Universe (Aspect «The Science about Light and Its Transformation»)»
2000 — «Esotericism. Metaphysic of Transformation»
2000 — «Divine Symbolics of the Mother of the World (The main Sings)»
2000 — «The Secret of PentagRAm of the Mother of the World»
2001 — «The Science about Light of the Mother of the World, or the Cosmic Corridor of the Great PyRAmid AST»
2002 — «Planetary Geocentricism of the Mother of the World»
2002 — «Monos Asterion (Monastery)»
2002 — «Theosophy. Cabbala. Astrology. The Secret Doctrine»
2003 — «Hyperborean Dictionary of the Mother of Light — Testimony of Heaven»
2003 — «The Concept of Time and Eternity. Philosophical Esotericism»
2004 — «About Similarity in the Universe (Philosophical Esotericism)»
2004 — «Theology of Light (Divine Esotericism)»
2004 — «The Mystic Trinity (Theosophy)»
2007 — «Light Formulas for harmonization and perfection of Human consciousness (TOP — 8)»
2013 — THE ABSTRACT of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in TheoLogy of Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya on set of works: «The Terrestrial Way of the Mother of the World» and «The SacRAl Book of Isis» on «THE TERRESRTIAL WAY OF THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD»
2013 — THE ABSTRACT on set of scientific works of Victoria Victorovna PreobRAzhenskaya on: «SCIENCE ABOUT LIGHT AND ITS TRANSFORMATION» on conferment of an academic degree  the Grand Doctor of Philosophy in  TheoLogy and TheoSophy
2013 — Scientific REPORT of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya on the V World Scientific Congress: «Spiritual keeping gene pool of modern civilization at the peak of the change formations on the Threshold of the Quantum Leap of Solar System»
2016 — «Hyperborean Dictionary of the Mother of the World, or Neters’ Native Sirian Language (Magic Word)»

                    Articles of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya
1993 — «Phenomenon of the Second Coming of CHRIST, or Explantation Planetary Logos in the Feminine Body!»
1993 — «The Way to Calvary»
1993 — «That you should know, My Children!»
1993 — «I'm Fighting for every sinner!»
1993 — «Mysterious Vision Light of Christ (Prayer Mother of the World)»
1993 — «Drink My LIVING WATER, My Children!»
1993 — «Church is ruled KGB! And the Satan!»
1993 — «God's Last Call. Follow Me, My Children!»
1993 — «Message of the Mother of the World of Maria DEVI CHRISTOS to Children of God»
1993 — «Secrets of the Mother of the World (what awaits earthlings after Transformation)»
1993 — «New KieRUSalim (Alchemical formula of Ascent)»
1993 — «The Alphabet of the Transformation (Light Formulas)»
1999 — «The KINGDOM of the Universal LOVE»
1999 — «The Birth of the Sixth Race»
1999 — «USMALOS: Salvation of Humanity. The Good Nectar of LOVE»
1999 — «Soaring over Time or Religion of the Golden Age»
1999 — «Song of Freedom — Dance of LOVE: DIVINE COITION»
1999 — «Seven levels of Ascension»
2001 — «The Answer of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS on slanderous article that published in the newspaper «Arguments and Facts»»
2002 — «Black orthodoxy brainwashes the people»
2002 — «The answer of the Mother of the World to the Orthodox critic Alexey Ivanenko»
2000 — «The Gift of the Moon (Moonlight Legend of the Mother of the World)»
2003 — «IZONHAYYA»
2003 — «The answer of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS to  Sergei Tereshchenko, the representative of the Center of apologetic research)»
2003 — «Praise to enemies!»
2004 — «The totalitarian ideology — dead orthodoxy generates potential slaves... (How long reptile will rule the world?)»
2004 — «Victory of Light»
2004 — «Fohatic Appeal to earthlings»
2005 — «The Spirit that Make Pictures Alive»
2005 — «The Secret of Maria «Magdalene», or who manages consciousness of earthlings»
2007 — «About CultUre of Russian Spirit, or Time of Pyramids»
2010 — «The Revelation, or Taking down the Cover of Isis»
2011 — «The Message of Light of the  Mother of the World!»
2011 — «The Victory of the Great Sophia — Grace and Glory!»
2011 — «Slavs, open your eyes!»
2011 — «EU — the runnings knot for Slavs or Armageddon…»
2011 — «Ruses, Let Conquer The Dragon!»
2012 — «The Victory — for us, Ruses!»
2012 — «Before the Face of Eternity»
2012 — «22 LASSOS OF LIGHT»
2012 — «The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors»
2012 — «The treacherous plans of reptiloids Were Destroyed by THE SOPHY-SOTISE’S WILL»
2012 — «The Appeal of Mother of the World»
2013 — «CHANCE to RESCUE»
2013 — «Stop to be afraid of reptiles! Drive them kicks from Rus!»
2013 — «HOW werewolves-reptiloids of the last century from the KGB persecute the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS»
2013 — «POWER and PROTECTION against reptilians — it is SLAVIC MOTHER OF THE WORLD!»
2013 — «VICTORIA OF RUSSIA — is Ours!»
2014 — «Pleasing to God the scenario of Antichrist»
2014 — «Spiritual keeping gene pool of modern civilization at the peak of the change formations on the Threshold of the Quantum Leap of Solar System»
2014 — «Soon will Come a Revival of Rus!»
2014 — «KOLLAGIA!!!»
2014 — «Inevitability of Retribution»
2014 — «For the sake of the Elect these days will reduce...»
2015 — «Donbass nobody put on his knees and to put is not given to anyone!»
2015 — «Spiritual and physical health of the person»
2015 — «End of an era of lie»
2015 — «Statement of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya about impostors and swindlers in social networks»
2015 — «STAR BRIDGE»
2015 — «About Wise Sophia and the Last Time» (SophioLogy)
2016 — «Natural PhiloSophy of Mother of the World — The Guintessence of the world Natural philosophy» (SophioLogy)
2016 — «I Am LIGHT! I Am LOVE! I am Truth!»
2016 — «Esotericism and symbolism in the prophetic chapter 4 of A.Dugin’s book «Mysteries of Eurasia»»
2016 — «The Slavs are gradually awakening, but they lack the cohesion, courage and «Russian Spirit»...»
2016 — «Black Code of Darkness»
2016 — «Hyperborean Dictionary of the Mother of the World, or Neters’ Native Sirian Language (Magic Word)»
2016 — «The ProgRAm of the Earth Rescue «USMALOS»»
2016 — «History of the Slavic Movement of the 90th of «The Great White Brotherhood» «USMALOS»»
2017 — «And again about Mother-Earth and Her Luminaries»
2017 — «A review of the monograph of the candidate of medical sciences, professor, oncologist, member of the Russian Physical Society A.V. Artyomov: «The general theory of aging: inevitability as a consequence of chance»»

                    Author’s Publications:
2005  — «Art council» art council. № 2 (42) the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS «The Spirit, Who Makes Paintings Alive»
2006  — «Ballad monger» № 8 April,  Prague. Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. Poetry
2012  — «Young guardsman» № 12 (47) Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya «Doomsday will not be»
2014  — «Encyclopedia of Russian Thought». (Volume 21: «Reports of the Russian Physical Society, 2014», p. 3-18) Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya Scientific Work «SPIRITUAL KEEPING GENE POOL OF MODERN CIVILIZATION AT THE PEAK OF THE CHANGE FORMATIOS ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE QUANTUM LEAP OF SOLAR SYSTEM» (Scientific report on the V Anniversary World Scientific Congress)
2014  — «Encyclopedia of Russian Thought». (Volume 22: V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya. «The Word of the Mother of the World Maria DEVI CHRISTOS (Collection of Scientific Works)», 2014, p.312)
2015  — «New Village» №2 (42). Special issue. About the artists and creative people
2016  — The magazine «Russian Thought» (2016, № 2) (V.V. PreobRAzhenskaya «The Natural PhiloSophy of the Mother of the World — the Quintessence of the world Natural philosophy»)
2017  — Literary Almanac «SimberLit» (Issue №8). Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya. The Poetry

                    Interview with Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya:
2000  — E-mailing «Introduction to religion»
2003  — Information and analytical magazine «Religion and law» № 2
2011  — «Moskovsky komsomolets» correspondent Maria Egorova
2013  — Tatiana Chebrova, journalist

                    Articles about the Author:
2005 — «Science and religion» № 6 magazine. S.Aydinyan. «Transformation of Lithosphere»
2006  — «Human. Culture. City» № 11 (39)  magazine. V.Puschin. «To see other light worlds»
2006  — «Our Painter» № 8 (148) newspaper. S.Aydinyan. «The painting of mystical and symbolic optimism»
2006  — «Young Artist» № 4 magazine. S.BELOV. «PLANET OF JOY»
2006  — «THE WORD» № 15 (488) newspaper. Lev Safonkin. «SONG OF THE SOUL. MEETING FOR YOU»
2006  — «Youth» № 11 (608) magazine. A.Schatskov. «I Want to see YOU in the Embrace of the SKY»
2007  — «Petersburg-classic» № 4 Zh.Mozgovaya. «Marvellous world of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2007  — «Evening Petersburg» № 12 «Colorful cosmos»
2007  — «Miracles and adventures» № 2 magazine. Lev Safonkin. «Secrets of the canvas»
2007  — «Anomaly» № 8 (379) newspaper. Julia Babanina. «Solar RA Light of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2007  — «Poem of Atlantis» Poetic collection of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya, introductory article S. Aydinian «About «Poem of Atlantis» by Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2007  — «New village» № 4 (19) «The Name of Secret — Victoria!»
2008  — «Voice of the Motherland» № 4 L.Safonkin «Other worlds of Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2009  — «City Tour» № 01 (171) magazine. S.Aydinyan «And again — Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya»
2010  — International Journal «ATHENAEUM» P.V. Tulaev «White TARA of the Heavenly Country»
2013  — «Our Painter» № 1 (223) L.Safonkin «Victoria Preobrazhenskaya»


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